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When People Search for Best LEGO® Tools: A Guide

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Published: 27 June, 2023
Updated: June 27, 2023
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When you think of LEGO®, what comes to mind? Colorful bricks that can be assembled into virtually anything, right? But there’s more to LEGO® building than just bricks. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of LEGO® tools. We’ll explore what they are, how they were created, the problems they solve, and how to use them properly. So, let’s dive right in!

What are LEGO® Tools?

LEGO® tools are specialized instruments designed to enhance and facilitate the LEGO® building experience. They can be used for various tasks, such as more accurately separating tightly connected bricks, applying stickers, and positioning elements.

Precision in Building

LEGO® tools can immensely improve the precision of your builds. For instance, using a sticker applicator ensures that stickers are placed exactly where they should be, without misalignments. This precision is particularly important in detailed models where even a slight inaccuracy can affect the overall appearance.

Protecting the Integrity of Bricks

Certain tools, like the brick separator, are designed to prevent damage to the bricks. Before the advent of brick separators, people often used makeshift tools or excessive force to pry apart stuck bricks, which could lead to damaged or warped pieces. The brick separator is engineered to apply just the right amount of leverage to separate bricks without causing harm.

Handling Small Parts

Some LEGO® sets contain extremely small pieces that can be difficult to manage with fingers alone. LEGO® tools often come with specialized ends that are tailored to manipulate tiny parts with ease, reducing the risk of losing or improperly placing them.

Ergonomics and Comfort

LEGO® tools are not just functional but are also designed with the user’s comfort in mind. They often have ergonomic designs which make them easier to hold and manipulate, reducing strain during prolonged building sessions.

Facilitating Advanced Techniques

For advanced builders employing sophisticated techniques like SNOT (Studs Not On Top) or intricate Technic mechanisms, certain LEGO® tools are almost indispensable. They allow for the execution of precise, complex constructions that would be nearly impossible with fingers alone.

Maintenance and Repair

LEGO® tools also play a vital role in the maintenance and repair of models. Whether it’s replacing a lost piece, repairing a broken section, or just dusting and cleaning, having the right tools can make the process much more manageable.

Education and Learning

For educational settings, LEGO® tools are invaluable. They not only allow students to build more intricate models, but they can also teach them about the importance of the right tool for the right job. It can foster a deeper understanding of engineering principles, problem-solving, and the value of precision.

Most Common LEGO® tools

1. Brick Separator


One of the most popular LEGO® tools, the Brick Separator, is a handy device that helps in removing bricks that are tightly attached to each other.


The Brick Separator was introduced in the early 1990s. Before its invention, separating bricks was a tedious and sometimes painful task. The Brick Separator was designed with a wedge on one end and a flattened axle on the other, making it easier to pry bricks apart without damaging them.


There are a few variations of the Brick Separator, including different colors and sizes for various types of bricks.

Proper Use

To use a Brick Separator, place the wedge end under the edge of the brick you want to remove and gently leverage it upwards. The axle end can be used to separate Technic pins and axles.

2. Technic Brick Separator


This tool is designed explicitly for LEGO® Technic sets, which include more intricate pieces like gears, axles, and pins.


The Technic Brick Separator was created to address the complexity of Technic sets. It features a thin metal prying edge and small pins to remove Technic pins and axles.


There is currently only one version of the Technic Brick Separator.

Proper Use

Use the prying edge to remove tightly connected Technic bricks and the tiny pins to remove axles and pins.

3. Sticker Applicator


This tool is designed to help apply stickers to LEGO® bricks with precision.


The Sticker Applicator was introduced to alleviate the common issue of misaligned stickers, which can detract from the appearance of a finished model.


Some applicators come with a straight edge, while others include a curved edge for more complex sticker applications.

Proper Use

Align the sticker on the applicator’s edge, position it over the desired brick, and gently press it on.

More Info

Can I purchase LEGO® tools separately?

Yes, LEGO® tools can be purchased separately from various retailers and the official LEGO® website.

Are LEGO® tools necessary for building?

While not necessary, they can significantly enhance the building experience and help with tasks that would otherwise be difficult or tedious.

Can the Brick Separator be used on all LEGO® bricks?

The standard Brick Separator is versatile but might not work as effectively on certain specialized pieces, such as those found in Technic sets.

How do I clean my LEGO® tools?

Most tools can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Be sure to dry them thoroughly.

Are there third-party LEGO® tools?

Yes, some third-party companies produce compatible tools, though they may vary in quality compared to official LEGO® tools.

Can children use LEGO® tools?

Yes, but younger children should be supervised to ensure they are using the tools safely.

Do LEGO® tools come with sets, or must I buy them separately?

Some sets, especially larger ones, may include a Brick Separator, but generally, tools must be purchased separately.

Is there a tool for sorting LEGO® pieces?

While not an official LEGO® tool, many builders use sorting trays or containers to help organize pieces before building.

Do LEGO® tools have a warranty or guarantee?

This can vary depending on where they are purchased, but official LEGO® tools are known for their quality and durability.


LEGO® tools can be a game-changer for both novice and experienced builders. Whether you are trying to separate tight bricks, apply stickers precisely, or tackle the intricacies of a Technic set, there’s a tool designed to make your building experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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