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LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review

Reading Time: 3 Min
Published: 15 March, 2023
Updated: April 6, 2023
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Are you someone who hates the laborious task of dusting your LEGO® sets? Well, now you don’t have to – thanks to BOXXCO. The premium storage cases BOXXCO offers are designed for anyone who loves LEGO® and wants to collect and display their favorite LEGO® in a safe, dust-free environment.

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Key Takeaway

  • BOXXCO offers a wide range of LEGO® premium storage from their website.
  • The Central Perk (21319) set was released in 2019.
  • There is an optional background piece for the BOXXCO storage box that makes your set stand out whilst in storage.
  • The Central Perk (21319) set is based on the coffee shop seen in the popular US sitcom, Friends.
  • The BOXXCO cases stop your LEGO® sets from getting dusty and protect the sets from accidental damage.

If you want to keep your LEGO® Central Perk (21319) dust free you can pick up your own premium storage case from BOXXCO by clicking here.

Display Cases Protect Your LEGO® Set

Display cases are the ideal way to keep your LEGO® sets free from dust and accidental damage. They provide an essential barrier between your collection and environmental elements, making sure that whatever you create will remain in perfect condition for years to come. Whether it’s a work of art or a unique design, display cases are the perfect way to show off your LEGO® sets, without worrying about any potential damage. Investing in a quality display case will ensure that your set is well-protected and looks great!

LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review


LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review box

The package was delivered quickly by a premium courier, it was packaged very well with a fragile label on the box.


LEGO® Central Perk 21319 BOXXCO Review 18

Inside the package, the contents were protected in bubble wrap (double-wrapped), it also had a couple of lines of tape around to keep it from unraveling.

LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 16
LEGO® Central Perk 21319 BOXXCO Review 15 scaled e1678916045671
LEGO® Central Perk 21319 BOXXCO Review 8

All of the pieces were covered front and back in a protective film to prevent them from being scratched or damaged in transit. This peels off really easily when you are ready.

LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 19

Taking out the base of the display case it was quick to see that it was of good quality, it did not flex at all. The color of the base is black, definitely the right choice for this LEGO® set.

The base also had the shape of the Central Perk set carved out of it, this was nearly done with no sharp or unfinished edges.

LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 11

The back piece of the display case came with a nice scene printed on it, this is an optional extra that you can choose when ordering from BOXXCO.

LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 6

This was a really nice touch, BOXXCO provides you with a sticker that you can apply to the display case. It contains information about the set, how many pieces, the year you built it, and your name.


LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 4

Assembly of BOXXCO’s LEGO® display case was simple, on each corner you fixed the sides together with this block and a couple of flat-headed screws.

It took no longer than 15 minutes to assemble the display case, it took me longer to find my screwdriver than it did to build the LEGO® display case!

LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 12

Once the sides were all screwed together this is the end result. The top of the display case slots down on the base, it slotted down easily and it looks great.


LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 1

Once the display case was built I placed it in on the base, it fits perfectly with no room for the set to move around.

LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 14
LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 3
LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Review 2

Once the LEGO® Central Perk (21319) set was placed inside and the surrounding case put on it looked amazing, somehow putting it in BOXXCO’s LEGO® display case improved the look and feel of the set.

This now sits proudly on our LEGO® shelf with our LEGO® Star Wars The Razor Crest Set (75292) placed on top of the display case (another perk of putting your LEGO® sets in display cases).

LEGO® Central Perk (21319) BOXXCO Video


If you have had LEGO® for any time at all you will know the dust is a big problem, BOXXCO solves this issue with their premium display cases. The case that I built was high quality and will definitely keep my LEGO® Central Perk (21319) set safe from accidental damage and dust!

BOXXCO has a wide range of LEGO display cases.

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