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The 17 Best LEGO® Warhammer MOCs

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Published: 8 April, 2022
Updated: February 17, 2023
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Warhammer is a popular choice for many creative people but it often leads to them wondering if there will ever be a LEGO® Warhammer theme. As a Warhammer fan myself I wanted to check this out and I was so happy with what I found, there may not be any official sets but there are a lot of custom LEGO® Warhammer MOCs out there!

Are There Any Official LEGO® Warhammer Sets?

Warhammer is incredibly popular, a niche on its own but it could be argued that the building principle behind LEGO® and Warhammer could entice a similar audience.

To date, there are no official LEGO® Warhammer sets or Minifigures. There are unofficial Warhammer MOCs instead.

There are a number of unofficial LEGO® Warhammer MOCs out there, some are done as fanart but those of you who want to build one of yourself will be pleased to know that some people have made the MOCs with instructions!

There is also the option to have one set designed for you via commission work, this way you can have your own custom LEGO® Warhammer model designed for you.

What Can I Expect to Find Online?

LEGO Warhammer MOCs

A LEGO® MOC (My Own Creation) is a design that has been made by a LEGO® fan typically using software such as by BrickLink.

One of the things I love the most about LEGO® MOCs is that the designs are not bound to the same rules as the official LEGO® sets. if you’re interested in how to create your own MOCs we have a great post to get you started right away.

When a set is made for production they have to keep in mind things like the cost and rarity of parts but when a MOC is made (assuming the design is for fun not to be sold) all these limitations are removed!

I mentioned earlier that there are no official LEGO® Warhammer sets available but there is a good amount of LEGO® Warhammer MOCs online.

Let’s check out what LEGO® MOCs are out there…

List of LEGO® Warhammer MOCs?

1. LEGO® Warhammer Ogre Cave

LEGO Warhammer Ogre Cave BardJaskier
Credit to BardJaskier

2. LEGO® Warhammer Patriarch’s Storm Steam Tank

lego warhammer patriarchs storm steam tank jan slavinger
Credit to Jan Slavinger

3. LEGO® Warhammer WH40k Imperial Guard

lego warhammer WH40k Imperial Guard farseer eldar
Credit to Farseer Eldar

4. LEGO® Warhammer Gyrobomber

lego warhammer Gyrobomber
Credit to Dwalin Forkbeard

5. LEGO® Warhammer 40k Ultramarines

Lego Warhammer 40k Ultramarines
Credit to FunnyStuffs

6. LEGO® Warhammer Sarthorael, Lord of Change

Sarthorael Lord of Change Aaron Newman
Credit to Aaron Newman

7. LEGO® Warhammer Shadow Raven Patrol

LEGO Warhammer Shadow Raven Patrol
Credit to Lucy Caminsky

8. LEGO® Warhammer Great Unclean One, Plague Drones, & Herald of Nurgle

LEGO Warhammer the deathly halliwell
Credit to the Deathly Halliwell

9. LEGO® Warhammer Karak Kadrin

LEGO Warhammer Karak Kadrin
Credit to Dwalin Forkbeard

10. LEGO® Warhammer 40k Centurion VS Ork Warboss Duel

Lego Warhammer 40k Centurion VS Ork Warboss duel
Credit to Faber Mandragore

11. LEGO® Warhammer 40K Terminator

skIpeGkN LEGO Warhammer K Terminator

12. LEGO® Warhammer 40k Terminator Squad

Lego Warhammer 40k Terminator Squad
Credit to Faber Mandragore

13. LEGO® Warhammer Rori Dulgisson, Thane from Karak Zorn

LEGO Warhammer Thane from Karak Zorn _ Dwarf Thanes
Credit to Dwalin Forkbeard

14. LEGO® Warhammer Macy’s Razorback

LEGO Warhammer Macy’s Razorback Warhammer and Nexo Knight
Credit to Simon Crocker

15. LEGO® Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Captain

LEGO Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Captain
Credit to Faber Mandragore

16. LEGO® Warhammer 40k Bolt Pistol

LEGO Warhammer wh40k Bolt Pistol
Credit to Jerac

Below you will find a video of the LEGO wh40k Bolt Pistol to watch.

17. LEGO® Walking Warhammer 40K Dreadnought


If you are one of the many people who are a fan of LEGO® and Warhammer I am hoping that this post has brightened your day. There are so many amazing LEGO® Warhammer MOCs online and I only expect more to come too.

I do not expect to ever see an official LEGO® Warhammer set but this post shows that this doesn’t matter when software like exists as people just like you who want a Warhammer design will just make one!

If you are a LEGO® designer and want to learn more drop me an email at ma*****@be***********.com.

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With every new MOC I saw I became just a bit more addicted to the endless possibilities that LEGO® offers. This led me to creating Belle-Ve Bricks, a platform where talented designers can share their work with the world.

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