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LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child 75317 Release

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Published: 15 February, 2020
Updated: February 13, 2023
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Amazon Canada has rightly or wrongly listed the latest Star Wars BrickHeadz, this is LEGO 75317 The Mandalorian & The Child BrickHeadz.

There hasn’t been an announced release date for the UK, EU, or anywhere else but it’s expected to be released in Canada on the 1st of August 2020. I would expect everywhere to either be on the same date or very close.

If you are in Canada, you can pre-order it today for $24.99 CAD.

Some people will be confused by ‘The Child’, most of us know him as Baby Yoda but this isn’t actually his name as far as it goes on the Disney+ series. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely have a look.

Both of the sets have a total of 295 bricks and stand 8cm or 3” high. It’s nice to see that they have taken the initiative to pair these two together.

I would have preferred The Mandalorian to have been a little bigger, it would have made the scale work a bit better. I can’t help but look at The Mandalorian and see a small man child… but I guess this comes with the nature of BrickHeadz.

Here are the specifications for LEGO® 75317 The Mandalorian & The Child BrickHeadz.

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans and creative kids will love building their own LEGO® BrickHeadz versions of the Child and The Mandalorian (75317), recreating authentic details to create a cool display

  • The Mandalorian buildable LEGO® figure has signature weapons – a blaster rifle clipped on the back and a blaster pistol in hand – to spark memories of thrilling Star Wars: The Mandalorian scenes

  • Kids will love the Child building toy with adjustable ears foLEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child 75317r different expressions, and its hoverpram ‘floating’ on a transparent LEGO® element, plus both construction models have baseplates for display

  • This 295-piece LEGO® BrickHeadz Star Wars building toy makes an awesome birthday present, holiday gift, or anytime surprise for Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans and LEGO® builders ages 10+

  • The Mandalorian measures 3” (8cm) tall and the Child and hoverpram building toy measures 3” (8cm) high – they won’t take up too much space but are sure to make a big impression wherever they are displayed

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With every new MOC I saw I became just a bit more addicted to the endless possibilities that LEGO® offers. This led me to creating Belle-Ve Bricks, a platform where talented designers can share their work with the world.

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