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15+ Illegal LEGO Building Techniques to Avoid

There is no doubt that LEGOs are a childhood classic. What could be more fun than taking these colorful blocks and building anything imaginable?

As it turns out, quite a lot – at least if you want to stay within the law. In this article, we will take a look at 15+ illegal LEGO building techniques to avoid.

If you use these techniques then there is a higher chance of putting too much stress on your LEGO bricks. It can result in damaging and permanently destroying your LEGOs.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it and see what are the illegal LEGO building techniques that you should avoid.

What is an Illegal LEGO Building?

Before we go out any further, let’s see what does the term illegal means? When we talk about illegal LEGO building, we are referring to any techniques that do not follow the company’s building guidelines.

This can include using third-party bricks or products, as well as certain building methods that can damage your LEGOs. While the term illegal is quite strong but that doesn’t mean anything against the “real laws of the country”.

I’m sure you won’t go to jail just by utilizing the illegal LEGO construction methods. However, you may get your pieces damaged or even permanently destroyed if you’re not careful. So it’s still important to be aware of the legal methods and try to avoid them.

15+ Illegal LEGO Building Techniques to Avoid

Here’s a list of 15+ methods that I’ve compiled for you. I would highly recommend avoiding these methods to preserve your beloved LEGOs.

1. Drilling Holes

This one is pretty straightforward. You should never drill holes into your LEGO bricks as it will damage them permanently. There is no way to fix this once you’ve done it, so avoid it at all costs!

2. Using Superglue

Just like with drilling holes, using superglue on your LEGO bricks will damage them permanently. It is not meant to be used on LEGOs and will ruin the plastic.

3. Cutting Bricks

Cutting LEGO bricks is also a big no-no. This includes using a knife or any other sharp object to cut the bricks. Not only will this damage the bricks, but it can also be quite dangerous.

4. Using Third-Party Bricks

One of the most common illegal LEGO building techniques is using third-party bricks. These are LEGO-compatible products that are not made by the LEGO group.

This can include any aftermarket products, such as Decool, MEGA Bloks, or KRE-O. While these products may be similar in appearance to LEGOs, they are not held to the same quality standards.

As a result, they may not fit together as snugly or last as long as LEGOs. In addition, using third-party bricks can void your LEGO warranty.

5. Modifying LEGO Bricks

Another illegal LEGO building technique is modifying the bricks themselves. This can include drilling holes, cutting bricks, or painting them. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can cause some serious damage to your LEGOs.

For example, painting LEGO bricks can make them more susceptible to fading and peeling over time. Drilling holes or cutting bricks can also weaken them, making them more likely to break.

So if you want to modify your LEGO bricks, then it is best to do so sparingly and only for decorative purposes.

6. Permanently Attach Bricks

Another illegal LEGO building technique is permanently attaching bricks. This can be done using glue, tape, or any other adhesive material.

While this may seem like a good way to make your LEGO creations more sturdy, it can cause some serious damage to your LEGOs.

For example, permanently connecting bricks might make them more prone to fading and crumbling with time.

7. Use Excess Force when Connecting Bricks

Another illegal LEGO building technique is using excessive force when connecting bricks. This can damage the bricks and make them more likely to break.

In addition, it can void your LEGO warranty. So if you are having trouble connecting two bricks, then it is best to seek out a LEGO-certified professional.

Chances are you might be joining pieces the wrong way and trying to fit something that shouldn’t suppose to be there.

8. A LEGO Roof

With just a little bit of creativity, you can easily make a surprisingly good-looking roof for your LEGO buildings. However, unfortunately, this is not an approved LEGO building technique and is quite illegal.

The main reason for this is that roofs can be very dangerous if not done correctly. You will need to ensure it is not load-bearing as the LEGO pieces are not meant to be combined this way.

A great example of how a roof can be built with an illegal building method can be seen below.

Credit to Andreas Lenander from Flickr

9. Using LEGO Axle to Make a Two-Way Stud

Another fascinating trick is to join two LEGO bricks with the help of a LEGO axle. This will help you create a structure with studs on both sides. Having said that this is an illegal method and shouldn’t be used often.

You must be thinking why? doing so will put too much stress on the axle sometimes. It can easily bend or break the axle and as a result, you will lose a functional part.

10. Accessories That Are Not Meant to Be Connected

Some LEGO accessories are not meant to be connected together. An example of this would be the headlight bricks.

These should not be connected together as they can damage the light element inside and prevent it from working correctly.

11. Illegal Accessory Display

If you have a lot of mini-figures, then you will get different weapons and accessories that come with each character. There is a way to create a display rack for all these items using your LEGO bricks.

However, this is done by an illegal method and I don’t recommend it. Why? because accessories and weapons come in different shapes and sizes. Most of them have delicate edges.

While storing them in your LEGO-made rack, there is a higher possibility of breaking them or clipping different parts.

12. Make a Transparent LEGO House

One of the coolest illegal LEGO building techniques is to make a transparent LEGO house. This can be done by using clear bricks or plates.

While this may seem like a fun way to show off your LEGO creations, it is quite dangerous. The main reason for this is that clear bricks are not as sturdy as regular bricks.

So if you use them to build a house, then there is a higher chance that it will collapse. In addition, clear bricks can be very difficult to find and are quite expensive.

13. Illegally Using Technic Brick

Technic bricks are a type of LEGO that is designed for use with the LEGO Technic line. These bricks are often used in such a way that they produce new possibilities. While they help make cool designs, they can be damaged permanently in the process.

For instance, when you are using a 1×2 brick with a 1×2 technic brick the stud with the LEGO logo on it will be in contact with the side of the brick. Because these pieces will be rubbing with each other thus, it will cause permanent damage.

14. Using technic Brick with Modified Bricks on Side

People have found cool methods of using technic bricks to make different amazing designs. Most of the time it involves using technic bricks with some other type of bricks that have studs on the side.

The stud is used to connect other pieces and make a chain. However, it is illegal and should be avoided. This is because it can cause permanent damage to the technic bricks.

15. Using Modified Plate with Angle

When you use a 1×2 plate with an angle, you will notice that it doesn’t fit perfectly. It is quite loose and can easily fall off.

The reason for this is that the LEGO company has not designed these plates to be used with angles. So if you use them, then it will cause permanent damage to the plate.

16. Using Bricks as Plates

If you have a lot of 1×1 bricks, then you might be tempted to use them as plates. However, this is not a good idea and is actually illegal.

The reason for this is that plates are designed to be used as structural support. They are not meant to be used as bricks.

If you use them as bricks, then it can cause your LEGO creation to collapse.

17. Using Plates with Holes as Bricks

Another illegal way of using LEGO bricks is to use plates with holes as bricks. The reason for this is that plates are not meant to be used as bricks.

They are designed to be used as structural support. If you use them as bricks, then it can cause your LEGO creation to collapse.

Final Words

So those were 15+ illegal LEGO building techniques that you should avoid. While some of them may seem cool, they can actually cause permanent damage to your LEGO bricks.

So it is best to avoid them and stick to the legal methods of building LEGO creations. You can sometimes use illegal methods but make sure to know how will it affect your blocks and bricks before using them.

Do you know of any other illegal LEGO building techniques? Let us know in the comments below.

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