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Iconic LEGO® Landmarks in Brick Form

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Published: 18 July, 2023
Updated: July 18, 2023
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LEGO®, the world-renowned Danish company, has ignited creativity and imagination in children and adults since its inception in 1932. Known for its interlocking brick system, LEGO® has transcended the realm of children’s toys to become a global phenomenon that encourages learning through play. One of its most intriguing and educational product lines is the LEGO® Architecture Series.

The LEGO® Architecture Series is a unique collection that combines the joy of building with the appreciation of some of the world’s most iconic architectural feats. Each set in the series is a miniature model that allows enthusiasts to recreate famous landmarks right in their living rooms.

The LEGO® Architecture Series celebrates the art and science of architecture. Each set is designed with a high level of detail, capturing the unique architectural elements that make each landmark special. The sets come with a booklet that provides background information about the landmark, its design, and historical and cultural significance. This enhances the building experience and provides an educational aspect, making them a great learning tool.

But the importance of these sets goes even further. By recreating these landmarks, builders gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of architecture and its role in our world. Architecture is not just about designing buildings; it’s about creating spaces that reflect our culture, shape our experiences, and contribute to our quality of life. The LEGO® Architecture Series highlights this, showing how architecture combines aesthetics, functionality, and social aspects to create structures that are physically impressive but also meaningful and impactful.

The Importance of Architecture

At its core, architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing buildings. But it is much more than just the creation of physical structures. It is a mirror that reflects our society, culture, and history and a canvas that showcases our achievements, values, and aspirations.

Architecture is a reflection of society because it embodies the way we live and the values we hold. The design of our homes, offices, schools, and public spaces reflects our lifestyle, our needs, and our priorities. For instance, the rise of sustainable architecture reflects our growing awareness of environmental issues and our commitment to addressing them. Similarly, the trend towards open-plan living spaces reflects changes in our social dynamics, with a greater emphasis on flexibility, interaction, and shared experiences.

Architecture is also a reflection of culture and history. The architectural styles and techniques of different periods and places reveal much about their cultures and histories. For example, the grandeur of ancient Roman architecture reflects the power and sophistication of the Roman Empire, while the simplicity and harmony of traditional Japanese architecture reflect the Japanese philosophy of balance and connection with nature.

The structures we build are a testament to our achievements. They showcase our technological advancements, artistic creativity, and ability to overcome challenges. From the pyramids of Egypt to the skyscrapers of New York, each architectural feat represents a milestone in human achievement.

Architecture shapes our cities, defining their character and identity. The Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the Statue of Liberty – these iconic structures are not just tourist attractions; they are symbols that represent their cities and nations to the world.

On a more personal level, architecture influences our daily lives. The design of our homes affects our comfort and well-being. The layout of our cities affects our mobility and lifestyle. The design of our schools and workplaces affects our learning and productivity. In this way, architecture is crucial to our quality of life.

In conclusion, architecture is a vital aspect of our civilization. It is a reflection of who we are, a testament to what we have achieved, and a blueprint for what we aspire to be. It shapes our world, influences our lives, and contributes to our identity as individuals and as a society. Through architecture, we create spaces that serve our needs, inspire, connect, and enrich our experiences.

What Makes Good Architecture

Aesthetics: Balance of Form and Function

Good architecture is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. It’s not just about creating a visually appealing structure but also one that serves its intended purpose effectively. The design should enhance the user’s experience, whether it’s a home that provides comfort and convenience, an office that promotes productivity, or a public space that encourages interaction and activity. This balance between form and function is what makes a design not just beautiful but also meaningful and useful.

Sustainability: Environmentally Friendly Designs

In the face of growing environmental concerns, sustainability has become a crucial aspect of good architecture. This involves designing buildings that are environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainable development. It includes the use of sustainable materials that are durable, recyclable, and have a low environmental impact. It also involves incorporating energy-efficient features like natural lighting and ventilation, solar panels, and green roofs to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Furthermore, good architecture involves designing in harmony with the natural environment, preserving natural landscapes, and enhancing biodiversity.

Innovation: Use of New Materials and Technologies

Innovation is a key driver of architectural excellence. This can involve the use of new materials that offer improved performance, durability, and aesthetics. It can also involve using new technologies that enable more efficient and precise construction or that provide enhanced functionality and user experience. Moreover, innovation can involve novel approaches to design and construction that challenge conventional norms and push the boundaries of what is possible in architecture.

Social Impact: Enhancing Communities and Improving Lives

Good architecture also has a positive social impact. It can enhance communities by creating spaces that foster interaction, activity, and a sense of belonging. It can improve living conditions by providing safe, comfortable, and accessible environments. Promoting inclusivity, diversity, and cultural expression can contribute to social cohesion. In this way, good architecture can play a significant role in improving the quality of life and the well-being of individuals and communities.

Timelessness: Designs that Stand the Test of Time

Finally, good architecture stands the test of time. It remains relevant and valuable regardless of changing trends and technologies. This involves creating designs that are not just fashionable but also timeless. It involves creating structures that can adapt to changing needs and conditions and withstand time’s physical and environmental challenges. A timeless design continues to inspire, engage, and serve long after it was built. It is a testament to the enduring value and impact of good architecture.

The LEGO® Architecture Series

The LEGO® Architecture Series is a testament to the principles of good architecture. Launched in 2008, the series allows fans to recreate famous landmarks using LEGO® bricks. Each set comes with a booklet that provides background information about the landmark, its architectural significance, and its history.

LEGO® London 21034

Set Number: 21034
Theme: Architecture
Year Released: 2017
No. Pieces: 468
RRP: £34.99 / $39.99 / 39.99€

The LEGO® London set is a part of the Architecture Skyline Collection and features the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, London Eye, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge. This set offers a rewarding building experience as it recreates some of London’s most iconic landmarks. London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom is a city rich in history and culture, and these landmarks each tell a part of its story. Families can enjoy this set by learning about London’s history and architecture while building, and it can also inspire conversations about travel and different cultures.

LEGO® Paris 21044

Set Number: 21044
Theme: Architecture
Year Released: 2019
No. Pieces: 649
RRP: £44.99 / $49.99 / 49.99€

The LEGO® Paris set is a part of the Architecture Skyline Collection and features the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Tour Montparnasse, Grand Palais, Arc de Triomphe, and Champs-Elysées. Paris, known as the “City of Light,” “is famous for its art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. Building this set can be a fun family activity, where each member can contribute to building different parts of the skyline. It’s a great way to learn about French history and architecture, and it can inspire discussions about the importance of art and culture in society.

LEGO® Great Pyramid of Giza 21058

Set Number: 21058
Theme: Architecture
Year Released: 2022
No. Pieces: 1476
RRP: £119.99 / $129.99 / 139.99€

The LEGO® Great Pyramid of Giza set would offer a unique opportunity to recreate one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Great Pyramid, located in Egypt, is a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the ancient Egyptians. Families can enjoy building this set together, learning about ancient Egyptian civilization, and discussing the mysteries surrounding these impressive structures.

LEGO® New York City 21028

Set Number: 21028
Theme: Architecture
Year Released: 2016
No. Pieces: 598
RRP: £44.99 / $59.99 / 49.99€

The LEGO® New York City set is a part of the Architecture Skyline Collection. It features the Statue of Liberty, Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and the 3 World Trade Center. New York City, often described as the city that never sleeps, is known for its fast-paced life, cultural diversity, and iconic landmarks. Families can enjoy building this set together, discussing the history and significance of each landmark, and sharing stories or facts about the Big Apple.

LEGO® The White House 21054

Set Number: 21054
Theme: Architecture
Year Released: 2020
No. Pieces: 1483
RRP: £89.99 / $99.99 / 99.99€

The LEGO® White House set allows you to recreate the residence of the U.S. President. The White House, located in Washington, D.C., is an iconic symbol of the American presidency and its history. Families can enjoy building this set together, learning about American history and the role of the presidency, and discussing the architectural features of the building.

LEGO® Statue of Liberty 21042

Set Number: 21042
Theme: Architecture
Year Released: 2018
No. Pieces: 1685
RRP: £89.99 / $119.99 / 99.99€

The LEGO® Statue of Liberty set allows you to build a detailed model of one of the world’s most famous landmarks. The Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to the United States, symbolizes freedom and democracy. Families can enjoy building this set together, learning about the history and significance of the statue, and discussing the values it represents.

LEGO® Taj Mahal 21056

Set Number: 21056
Theme: Creator Expert
Year Released: 2017
No. Pieces: 5923
RRP: £104.99 / $119.99 / 119.99€

The LEGO® Taj Mahal set is one of the largest LEGO® sets ever produced. The Taj Mahal, located in India, is a stunning example of Mughal architecture and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Families can enjoy building this set together, learning about Indian history and culture, and discussing the architectural features of the building.

LEGO® Singapore 21057

Set Number: 21057
Theme: Architecture
Year Released:
No. Pieces: 827
RRP: £54.99 / $59.99 / 59.99€

The LEGO® Singapore set would offer a chance to build and explore the unique skyline of this island city-state. Known for its modern architecture, multicultural society, and vibrant economy, Singapore is a fascinating place to learn about. Families can enjoy building this set together, learning about Singapore’s history and culture, and discussing the city’s unique architectural features.

LEGO® Himeji Castle 21060

Set Number: 21060
Theme: Architecture
Year Released: 2023
No. Pieces: 2125
RRP: £139.99 / $159.99 / 159.99€

The LEGO® Himeji Castle set allows you to build a model of one of Japan’s most beautiful and historic castles. Himeji Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a masterpiece of Japanese castle architecture. Families can enjoy building this set together, learning about Japanese history and culture, and discussing the architectural features of the castle.

How Families Can Enjoy the LEGO® Architecture Series

Building a LEGO® Architecture set is an engaging and enriching activity that can bring the whole family together. It’s not just about assembling bricks; it’s about creating memories, learning new things, and developing important skills.

Bonding Through Building

Assembling a LEGO® Architecture set is a cooperative endeavor that requires teamwork and collaboration. Family members can work together, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives. As you sort through the bricks, follow the instructions, and see the structure gradually take shape, you share a sense of accomplishment and joy. This shared experience can strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories.

Learning Through Play

Building a LEGO® Architecture set is also a great educational opportunity. Each set represents a famous landmark with unique architectural features and historical significance. As you build, you can discuss the design of the landmark, why it’s important, and what it represents. You can talk about the culture and history of the place it’s located in. This can spark curiosity and inspire further learning, making it a fun and effective way to learn about architecture and history.

Developing Skills Through Creativity

Building a LEGO® Architecture set is also a great way to develop essential skills. It encourages creativity as you explore different ways to assemble the pieces and experiment with different designs. It promotes problem-solving skills as you figure out how to combine the pieces to create the desired structure. It also enhances fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and patience. These skills are not only important for building LEGO® sets but also for many other aspects of life.

In conclusion, the LEGO® Architecture Series offers families a unique and rewarding experience. It’s a fun and educational activity that brings families together, promotes learning, and develops important skills.

More Info

1. What is the LEGO® Architecture Series?

The LEGO® Architecture Series is a collection of sets that allow you to recreate famous landmarks using LEGO® bricks. Each set comes with a booklet that provides background information about the landmark, its architectural significance, and its history.

2. How does the LEGO® Architecture Series contribute to understanding architecture?

The LEGO® Architecture Series helps to make architecture accessible and engaging. As you build, you learn about the design of the landmark, its architectural features, and the principles of architecture.

3. What age group is the LEGO® Architecture Series suitable for?

The LEGO® Architecture Series is recommended for ages 12 and up. However, younger children can also enjoy building these sets with the help of an adult.

4. How can building LEGO® Architecture sets be a family activity?

Building a LEGO® Architecture set can be a fun and educational activity for the whole family. It’s a great way to bond, learn about architecture and history, and develop important skills.

5. What are some of the most popular sets in the LEGO® Architecture Series?

Some of the most popular sets in the series include the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Great Wall of China.

6. How does LEGO® decide which landmarks to recreate in the Architecture Series?

LEGO® chooses iconic landmarks with architectural significance, representing a diverse range of cultures and locations.

7. Can the LEGO® Architecture Series inspire a career in architecture?

Yes, the LEGO® Architecture Series can spark an interest in architecture and inspire a career. It provides a hands-on introduction to architectural concepts and principles.

8. Where can I buy LEGO® Architecture Series sets?

LEGO® Architecture Series sets are available at LEGO® stores, online, and select retailers.

VII. Conclusion

The LEGO® Architecture Series is more than just a collection of toys. It’s a celebration of architecture, a tribute to our world’s iconic landmarks, and a fun and educational activity for the whole family. It embodies the principles of good architecture, and in doing so, it helps to promote an appreciation for architecture and its role in our lives.

If you want to explore the LEGO® Architecture Series, we have a wide range of sets available, and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect set for you or your family. Start your journey into the world of architecture with LEGO®.

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