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Store, Sort, and Organize LEGO Bricks (Complete Guide)

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Published: 7 March, 2023
Updated: March 13, 2023
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If you love to build with LEGO bricks and toys, but are having trouble finding the pieces you need, it’s time to get organized. Storing, sorting, and organizing your LEGO bricks and toys will help you find them quickly when needed. In this complete guide, we’ll show you how to store, sort, and organize your LEGO collection in a way that works best for you.

Why should you Store, Sort, and Organize LEGO Bricks and toys?

When LEGO bricks and toys are stored, sorted, and organized, it’s much easier to find the pieces you need for building. It also helps reduce clutter and encourages creativity as you can easily see what you have available when constructing your creations.

Small LEGO sets are under 1000 pieces but medium sets are between 1000 and 2000 pieces, and Large LEGO sets are above 2000 pieces. This means that there’s a very big chance leaving your LEGO sets unorganized and unsorted will result in a very cluttered mess!

However, both small and large LEGO sets should be organized, sorted, and stored well so the bricks can be easily reused on other creations.

Organizing LEGO Sets into individual bricks and storing them properly is beneficial for everyone, this means not only people but also businesses or schools benefit heavily by doing so.

Organization vs. Storing vs. Sorting LEGO Bricks

1. Organizing

Organizing your LEGO bricks and toys simply means arranging them in a way that makes sense for you. This could include sorting by color, size, type of brick, etc.

2. Storing

Storing is the act of putting away your LEGO bricks and toys after use or moving them from one location to another.

3. Sorting

Sorting involves grouping similar pieces together such as all red pieces into one pile or all 2×2 bricks into another pile.

Steps you need to do before Store, Sort, and Organize LEGO Bricks and toys

1. Clutter Off The Floor

Before you get started organizing your LEGO bricks and toys, it’s important to do a few things first. First, you should clear all the clutter off the floor or surface where you plan to work. This will give you more space to sort and organize your pieces.

2. Start With Cleaning

Next, make sure all of your LEGO bricks and toys are clean before sorting them into piles. Finally, take an inventory of what pieces you have available so that when it comes time to build something new, you know exactly what pieces you need.

3. Scan Your Space

But before you really start with the process it’s important to understand your current collection and the space you’ll need to store them. It’s important to know what you exactly have, so you can decide what to keep and store or donate.

4. Determine How To Organize

5. Determine The Right Storage Solution

Types of Organization For Your LEGO Bricks

1. Sort by Color

Grouping LEGO bricks and toys together by their colors allow for quick access when building specific creations. It also looks visually appealing in bins or containers when stored away.

2. Sort by Type

You can group all 2×2 or 4×4 bricks together in one pile making it easier to find the exact piece you need while constructing something new.

3. Sort by Recreated Set

If you have multiple sets of LEGO bricks and toys, it’s helpful to store them in a manner that allows for easy recreation.

4. Sort by Size

Allowing room for larger pieces such as wheels or figures when sorting can help avoid unnecessary frustration while building.

LEGO Storage for Small, medium, and large collections

Small Collections

For small collections of LEGO bricks and toys, a simple clear plastic bin with compartments is often enough. This type of storage solution allows for easy access to pieces while also taking up minimal space.

Medium Collections

Medium-sized collections may require something larger such as a multi-drawer organizer or shelf system with individual drawers that can be labeled. The advantage of this type of storage system is that it’s customizable and allows for efficient organization.

Large Collections

If you have an extensive collection of LEGO bricks and toys, consider investing in specialty storage solutions such as wall racks or stackable bins with dividers. These types of storage solutions are perfect for organizing large amounts of pieces while still having them within easy reach.

Finally, when it comes to storing LEGO bricks and toys, it’s important to always store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture. With a little time and effort, you can easily organize your LEGO collection in a way that works best for you. This will help make the building process more efficient and enjoyable!

Tips for Maintaining Organized LEGO Bricks & Toys

  • Label containers – Labeling your storage containers with words or images makes it easier to find specific pieces quickly when constructing something new.
  • Avoid mixing colors – It’s tempting to mix colors together into one container as space may be limited but this can lead to frustration and confusion.
  • Keep a running list – If you’re constantly on the lookout for certain pieces, it’s helpful to maintain a running list of needed pieces so that when you come across them, you can add them directly to your collection.
  • Donate or recycle old pieces – Even if LEGO bricks and toys are still in good condition, they can quickly become outdated. Consider donating old pieces to charity or recycling them responsibly.

Storing LEGO Bricks & Toys: Best Practices

  • Always keep LEGO bricks in their original packaging – This will help maintain the integrity of the pieces and make them easier to identify.
  • Keep loose pieces in sealed bags or containers – If possible, store any loose pieces in a sealable bag or small container labeled with their color and type (e.g., 2×2). This prevents future frustration while searching for that one piece needed during construction.
  • Utilize wall space when possible – Installing wall racks is a great way to make use of vertical space and keep pieces at easy reach.
  • Utilize drawers – If you have limited wall space, consider utilizing large drawers to organize small pieces and other items like instruction manuals.
  • Use clear containers – Clear plastic containers are always best for storing LEGO bricks and toys, as they provide an easy view of the contents inside.


With the right storage solution and appropriate organizing techniques, anyone can easily store, sort, and organize their LEGO bricks and toys effectively. Doing this will help make construction much easier while also creating less clutter in your home or workspace. By taking inventory of what you have and labeling each storage container accordingly, you can easily find what you need when it’s time to build something new.

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