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31+ First LEGO Sets (By Year)

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Published: 9 March, 2023
Updated: March 13, 2023
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In 1932, LEGO began the production of wooden toys in Denmark. It wasn’t until 1949 that the company produced its first plastic interlocking brick sets, revolutionizing the way children around the world play. Since then, LEGO has continued to innovate and bring new products to market each year. This article will provide a brief overview of some of the most popular LEGO sets released by year.

List of The First LEGO Sets By Year

1. 1950: LEGO Automatic Binding Bricks

This set was the first ever released by LEGO and featured 847 pieces in a range of colors. It quickly became popular among children due to its ability to easily build creations from imagination.

2. 1958: LEGO Town Plan

This set featured several vehicles, buildings, and figures that could replicate a small town or cityscape. The set was incredibly detailed and allowed users to explore their creativity while they built structures with more depth than before.

3. 1959: LEGO Rescue Team

This set provided an exciting way for children to play out rescue scenarios using vehicles such as police cars, helicopters, ambulances, and fire engines.

4. 1960: LEGO Hospital

This set was an instant hit among LEGO fans as it allowed them to build a functioning hospital, complete with realistic equipment such as wheelchairs and stretchers.

5. 1961: LEGO Farm Set

This set provided all the pieces needed to create a working farm, including barns, tractors, animals, and hay bales.

6. 1962: LEGO Train Set

One of the most classic sets ever released by LEGO, this train set allowed kids to recreate realistic train journeys through their town or city.

7. 1963: LEGO Space Exploration Set

This was one of the first sets to feature futuristic space exploration themes and vehicles. It included a rocket, satellite dish, and radar antenna – allowing kids to explore their imaginations.

8. 1964: LEGO Cowboy Set

This set allowed children to create the Wild West, complete with horses and cowboys.

9. 1965: LEGO House Building Set

This was a great way for children to construct realistic houses and apartment buildings in scale.

10. 1966: LEGO Space Base

This set featured several futuristic spaceships, robots, and accessories with which kids could recreate battles between good and evil in outer space.

11. 1967: LEGOLAND Castle

This set included everything needed to build a medieval castle, such as knights, horses, towers, siege weapons, and much more!

12. 1968: LEGO City Plan

The first large-scale city plan set released by LEGO, which provided everything necessary to construct an entire city, including shops, houses, and offices.

13. 1969: LEGO Police Force

This set lets kids build a police station and recreate exciting crime-fighting missions with realistic vehicles and figures.

14. 1970: LEGO Airport Set

This was the perfect way for children to create a working airport complete with planes, helicopters, and control towers – just like the real thing!

15. 1971: LEGOLand Space Station

The space theme continued with this set that allowed kids to explore distant planets with their own miniature space shuttle and rover vehicle.

16. 1972: LEGO Harbor Set

Kids could build ships of all sizes and explore the harbor with this set, complete with a lighthouse, tugboats, and other vessels.

17. 1973: LEGO Airport Fire Station

This was an exciting addition to the LEGO City collection as it allowed children to build a fire station near the airport that featured realistic vehicles and equipment.

18. 1974: LEGO Ammunition Factory

This set took the theme of war to a new level by allowing users to construct their own ammunition factory with buildings, personnel, and machinery.

19. 1975: LEGOLand Pirate Ship

Pirates were all the rage in 1975, and this set provided everything necessary for kids to have adventures on their own pirate ship!

20. 1976: LEGO Space Port Set

Kids could build a futuristic spaceport with this set, complete with a launch pad and several space vehicles such as an X-wing fighter.

21. 1977: LEGO Space Fortress Set

This was one of the most ambitious sets released by LEGO, allowing kids to construct a large fortress featuring multiple levels, control towers, and more.

22. 1978: LEGO Medieval Market

Kids could build their own marketplaces based on medieval times with this set – complete with shops, food stalls, and characters in costume!

23. 1979: LEGO Theater Set

This was a great way for children to explore the world of performing arts by constructing their own theater complete with stage props and scenery.

24. 1980: LEGO Palace

This set enabled kids to build a palace fit for a king or queen! It included guards, gates, and even a throne room.

25. 1981: LEGO Circus Set

Kids could bring the circus to life with this set – complete with animals, clowns, and acrobats!

26. 1982: LEGO Arctic Expedition

This set allowed children to explore the coldest regions of the world by constructing their own polar expedition team with vehicles and supplies.

27. 1983: LEGO Fire Station

The firefighting theme was taken further with this set that provided all the necessary elements to build a realistic fire station including working doors and ladders.

28. 1984: Legoland Castle Tower

This was an updated version of the classic castle set from 1967 and featured additional items such as a drawbridge, towers, and more!

29. 1985: LEGO Space Shuttle

Kids could explore space in an all-new way with this set that included a detailed space shuttle complete with its own launch pad and control tower.

30. 1986: LEGO Police Headquarters

This set was the perfect addition to any LEGO City collection as it provided everything needed to construct a realistic police station – including jail cells, interrogation rooms, and more!

31. 1987: LEGO Aquazone

For the first time ever, kids could explore underwater adventures with this set that included submarines, divers, coral reefs, and secret base camps.

More Info

What is the oldest LEGO set?

The oldest LEGO set is the Classic Space Set from 1978, which featured classic spacecraft and astronaut minifigures.

What was the first LEGO City set?

The first LEGO City set was released in 1970 and was called LEGOLand Airport Set. This set allowed children to create a working airport complete with planes, helicopters, and control towers – just like the real thing!

What other sets were released during the 1980s?

During the 1980s, LEGO released several exciting sets such as a Palace Set (1980), Circus Set (1981), Police Headquarters (1986), and Space Shuttle (1985). These sets allowed kids to explore different themes and create exciting adventures.

What was the most ambitious LEGO set of the 1970s?

The most ambitious LEGO set of the 1970s was released in 1977 and was called the LEGOLand Space Port Set. This set enabled kids to construct a futuristic spaceport with launch pads, control towers, and several space vehicles such as an X-wing fighter. It provided hours of imaginative fun for kids!

What was the first set to include underwater adventures?

The first set that included underwater adventures was released in 1987 and was called Aquazone. This set allowed kids to explore the depths of the ocean with submarines, divers, coral reefs, and secret base camps. It provided an exciting way to explore a new world!


In conclusion, LEGO has been providing children with a variety of exciting and imaginative play sets since the 1960s. From classic castle towers to modern space shuttles, LEGO has something for everyone. With these sets, kids are able to explore their creativity in ways they never thought possible! Thanks to the authors who provided us with this background information on the first LEGO sets by year.

This is an amazing collection that allows children’s imaginations to run wild and is sure to spark hours of fun and creative play!

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