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50+ Best LEGO Instagram Accounts

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Published: 22 March, 2023
Updated: June 7, 2023
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The world of LEGO is an exciting and captivating one, filled with creativity and imagination. With Instagram being a popular platform to share content, there are many talented people showcasing their LEGO builds and creations. We’ve rounded up the best accounts on Instagram for LEGO enthusiasts from professional builders to passionate hobbyists. Each account has its own unique take.

List of 50 Best LEGO Instagram accounts

1. Brick Vault (@brickvault)

2. The Brothers Brick (@thebrothersbrick)

3. LEGO Builderz (@legobuilderz)

4. MinifigurePics (@minifigurepics)

5. LEGO Fanatics (@one_lego_fanatic)

6. Robbs Brick Page (@robbrickspage)

7. Beyond the Brick (@beyondthebricktv)

8. Andrew Clark LEGO Creator (@andrewclarkcreates)

9. LegoGrammers (@legogrammerscommunity)

10. Legoblock2112 Creation Studios (@legoblock2112cs)

11. Dario Alberto Olivares (@daolg)

12. Lego Crusaders (@legocrusaderz)

13. Brick Thieves (@brick_thieves)

14. JKBrickworks (@jkbrickworks)

15. ZaziNombies LEGO Creations (zazinombleslegocreations)

16. Brandon Kelly- creator of Nerd Therapy (@nerdtherapy_lego)

17. Legokayhannnnn (@Legokayhannnnn)

18. Bricks In Motion (@bricksinmotion/)

19. Lego Geometric Artwork By Edwin Hoang (@edwinhoangcreative)

20. Brick Brothers (@brickbrothers_co)

21. BatBrick Custom Creations (@batbrickcustomcreations)

22. Legomasters of Art (@legomastersofart)

23. JANGBRiCKS (@jangbricks4real)

24. Ninjago Bricks (@ninjagobricksofficial )

25. The Lego Geeks (@thelegogeeks )

26. GravityGripsDesigns (gravitygripsdesigns )

27. Brick Nerd / Tom Stanley (@tomstanley_bricknerd )

28. Reveal My Brickworkz (@revealmybrickworkz )

29. MarioBrickBuilds (mariobrickbuilds )

30. The Brick Show (@thebrickshow )

31. Mad Mocs LEGO Creations (@mad_mocs_lego)

32. MindbuilderCreations (@mindbuildercreations)

33. Build Better Bricks (@buildbetterbricks)

34. Jay’s Brick Blog (@jaysbrickblog)

35. Unikitty Design Studio (unikittydesignstudio )

36. North Star Blocks (northstarblocks )

37. RainbowJayLEGO (@RainbowJayLEGO )

38. Brick Boutique (@brick_boutique)

39. The LEGO Doctor (thelegodoctor )

40. Steve Guinness (steveguinness )

41. Figs & Bricks (@figs_and_bricks )

42. BYBRiCKFiGHTERS (@bybrickfighters)

43. Special Brick Designs (specialbrickdesigns)

44. Tristan’s Lego Creations (@tristanslegocreations)

45. Legosolo’s Figures and scenes (@legosolofiguresandscenes )

46. Zolee’s Lego Adventures (@zoleeslegoadventures )

47. BrickBrosProductions (brickbrosproductions)

48. The Brick Beach (@thebrickbeach)

49. AFOL Design Studio (@afoldesignstudio )

50. Unboxed Builder (unboxedbuilder )

More Info

Q: What are some of the best LEGO Instagram accounts?

A: Some of the top LEGO Instagram accounts include Brick Vault (@brickvault), The Brothers Brick (@thebrothersbrick), LEGO Builderz (@legobuilderz), MinifigurePics (@minifigurepics), and Beyond the Brick (@beyondthebricktv).

Q: How can I find inspiration for my own LEGO builds?

A: Following some of the best LEGO Instagram accounts is a great way to get inspired. Take a look at accounts like Robbs Brick Page (@robbrickspage), Andrew Clark LEGO Creator (@andrewclarkcreates), and LegoGrammers (@legogrammerscommunity) for some amazing LEGO creations!

Q: What is the best way to share my own LEGO builds?

A: Instagram is a great platform to showcase your LEGO builds. Many builders also use platforms like YouTube and Flickr for sharing content. Consider joining a LEGO community such as The Brothers Brick or one of the other LegoGrammers accounts to get feedback from fellow builders. Additionally, look for local LEGO events in your area to meet other builders and display your creations.

Q: What is a good place to find LEGO tutorials?

A: You can find some great tutorials on The Brothers Brick, Beyond the Brick TV, Robbs Brick Page, and JKBrickworks. YouTube also has a number of builders that post helpful tutorials.

Q: How do I learn advanced LEGO building techniques?

A: Taking a look at some of the top builders’ accounts such as Dario Alberto Olivares (@daolg), Brick Thieves (@brick_thieves) and Legoblock2112 Creation Studios (@legoblock2112cs) can give you insight into more advanced building techniques! Additionally, there are a number of online courses and books available for those looking to level up their LEGO-building skills.

Q: How do I get my LEGO creations featured on Instagram?

A: Build amazing creations and tag accounts like The Brothers Brick, Beyond the Brick TV, LegoGrammers Community, Robbs Brick Page, and LEGO Builderz in your posts. Make sure to use relevant hashtags as well to maximize your reach. You can also submit your work to other accounts for a chance at getting featured!

Q: What is the best way to store large LEGO pieces?

A: There are many different ways to store large amounts of LEGO pieces depending on how you prefer to organize them. Some popular options include sorting by color or type into drawers or containers or using specialized storage systems like LEGO Sorter.

Q: How do I take the best photos of my LEGO creations?

A: Taking great photos of your LEGO builds requires some practice and experimentation! Consider using a tripod and playing around with different lighting setups to get the perfect shot. For more tips, check out accounts like Legoblock2112 Creation Studios (@legoblock2112cs) or Brickagrams (@brickagrams).

Q: How can I best display my LEGO builds?

A: The perfect way to showcase your LEGO builds is to create an iconic scene or vignette. Consider adding accessories such as plants, people, and animals to add realism to your creation. Additionally, many builders use wall-mounted shelves or display cases to show off their builds.

Q: Where can I find LEGO pieces for my creations?

A: BrickLink is a great resource for finding LEGO pieces, sets, and minifigures. Additionally, many builders also look to thrift stores, garage sales, and online auctions for parts. Some sources also provide used bulk lots of bricks at discounted prices.


These talented LEGO builders take the traditional building blocks and create stunning works of art and intricate scenes with them. From mechs, vehicles, and minifigures to structures, these accounts will surely capture your imagination and inspire you to build something amazing!

Whether you’re a professional builder or hobbyist, these accounts will help you get creative and explore the wonderful world of LEGO! So, what are you waiting for? Check them out and get creative!

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