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The Art of Building LEGO® Flowers: A Meditative Experience

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Published: 6 June, 2023
Updated: July 5, 2023
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In our ever-evolving and fast-paced world, we are continuously striving to find ways to deal with stress and anxiety. With the bustling nature of modern life, it’s essential to carve out moments of tranquility and peace to maintain our mental health. That’s where LEGO® flowers come in. Engaging in the meticulous assembly of these intricate models can offer an unexpected yet profoundly beneficial mental reprieve.

What is LEGO® Therapy?

LEGO® Therapy isn’t new. It’s a form of play therapy that helps individuals develop social skills, problem-solving abilities, and patience. However, the therapeutic scope of LEGO® doesn’t just end there. The LEGO® flower building set has surfaced as a brilliant way of providing a calming, conscious experience.

Building these beautiful botanical models enables builders to shift their focus from the world’s chaos to the tiny details of their creation. By concentrating on each brick’s placement, individuals immerse themselves in the present moment, a principle fundamental to mindfulness.

Mindfulness and LEGO® Flower Building

Mindfulness, an ancient practice deeply rooted in Buddhism, is a therapeutic technique to ground us in the present moment. It’s about paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment in a non-judgmental way. Mindfulness exercises can reduce stress, improve concentration, and improve overall mental well-being.

LEGO® flower building aligns perfectly with these principles. With each brick placed, builders engage with the piece’s texture, color, and shape, fostering tactile and sensory mindfulness. When builders lose themselves in the creation process, they let go of external stressors, focusing instead on the tangible, calming repetition of the LEGO® pieces. This focused attention works as a form of active meditation.

The Mental Health Challenges of Today

While everyone’s experience with mental health is unique, there are several common issues that many of us face in the modern world.

1. Anxiety Disorders

This category includes generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, and phobia-related disorders. These conditions can cause people to avoid places, situations, or people that trigger fear and anxiety, significantly impacting daily life.

2. Mood Disorders

Depression and bipolar disorder fall under this category. Those affected often deal with persistent sadness, emptiness, or extreme mood swings.

3. Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders

These disorders, which include OCD, involve repetitive thoughts, obsessions, and behaviors that the individual feels the urge to perform.

4. Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders

These are adjustment disorders and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which may occur in people who have experienced a traumatic or stressful event.

How LEGO® Flower Building Can Help

Each LEGO® brick we place, every flower we create, represents a step towards self-care and mindfulness. Building LEGO® flowers, with their precise, repeatable patterns and clear, tangible outcomes, can help distract from negative thoughts and feelings associated with these prevalent mental health challenges.

It’s a creative, calming practice that helps focus our attention, providing a break from the overwhelming inputs of the world around us. The process of building LEGO® becomes not only a journey of patience and focus but also a celebration of individual creativity and accomplishment.

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How To Start LEGO® Therapy with LEGO® Flowers

1. Educate yourself about LEGO® Therapy.

When starting with LEGO® Therapy, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with this therapeutic approach’s concept, principles, benefits, and goals. Conduct thorough research by studying published studies, online resources, and materials related to LEGO® Therapy. By understanding the underlying principles and techniques, you’ll be better equipped to implement the therapy effectively.

2. Assemble a team

Building a solid team is essential for successful LEGO® Therapy implementation. Identify professionals such as psychologists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, educators, or others with relevant expertise who will be involved in the process. Each team member should understand the therapy approach and their roles to ensure effective collaboration and smooth execution.

3. Assess the need

Before starting LEGO® Therapy, assessing the specific needs of the individuals or groups you plan to work with is essential. Identify the target population and determine whether LEGO® Therapy is appropriate and beneficial for their challenges or goals. Consider factors such as developmental stage, social communication difficulties, or other relevant factors to ensure that LEGO® Therapy is a suitable intervention.

4. Secure Appropriate Resources

To conduct LEGO® Therapy sessions, you must gather the necessary LEGO® sets and accessories. Ensure you have an ample supply of LEGO® bricks in various shapes, sizes, and colors to meet the participants’ needs. It’s also beneficial to acquire additional accessories like baseplates, wheels, and mini-figures to enhance creativity and diversify building possibilities during therapy sessions.

5. Develop a curriculum or session plan.

Creating a structured curriculum or session plan is crucial for the smooth implementation of LEGO® Therapy. Develop a comprehensive plan outlining each session’s goals, objectives, and activities. Consider incorporating specific building challenges, group tasks, and communication exercises that align with the therapeutic goals. A well-defined plan will ensure consistency and adequate monitoring of participants’ progress.

6. Establish a suitable setting.

Designate a physical space that provides an ideal environment for LEGO® Therapy sessions. Organize the LEGO® bricks orderly, ensuring easy accessibility for participants. Create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that fosters collaboration and engagement. Pay attention to lighting, noise level, and overall layout to optimize the therapy setting.

7. Recruit participants

Identify and recruit individuals or groups who would benefit from LEGO® Therapy. This may include children with autism spectrum disorder, social communication difficulties, or other relevant challenges. Obtain consent from parents or guardians before involving participants in the therapy. When selecting participants, consider age, developmental level, and individual needs to ensure optimal outcomes.

8. Train facilitators

To facilitate LEGO® Therapy sessions effectively:

  • Provide comprehensive training to the facilitators involved.
  • Train them on the principles, techniques, and strategies of LEGO® Therapy.
  • Help facilitators understand their roles in promoting social interaction, communication, and problem-solving during the sessions.
  • Equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support participants’ engagement and progress.

9. Implement LEGO® Therapy sessions.

Begin conducting LEGO® Therapy sessions based on the established curriculum or session plan. Follow the guidelines and techniques learned during training, ensuring that participants engage in collaborative building activities, take turns, communicate effectively, and solve problems together. Create a supportive environment encouraging participants to express their ideas, work as a team, and develop their social skills through LEGO®-based interactions.

10. Monitor progress and adapt.

Continuously monitor participants’ progress throughout LEGO® Therapy sessions. Regularly assess social skills development, communication improvements, and problem-solving abilities. Keep track of individual achievements and

Building Toward Better Mental Health

While LEGO® flower building won’t replace professional help for severe mental health conditions, it can be an effective supplementary coping mechanism. The beautiful and intricate flower models you create can bring peace and tranquility to your mind, acting as a form of active, mindful meditation.

If you’re stressed, anxious, or need a mental break, consider sitting with a LEGO® flower set. You may be surprised at the calming power you find in the simple act of creation. And remember, taking time for yourself isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Your mental health matters, and finding small ways to nurture it can make a big difference in your overall well-being.

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