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Complete LEGO® Sit Complex Apartment Review

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Published: 19 December, 2021
Updated: February 13, 2023
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Everyone loves sitcoms, they have always been a part of our lives. Some of them have actually become very iconic, and needless to say we have a LEGO® set with a huge apartment building featuring sitcoms we love. This sit complex is amazing, and it’s a huge representation of the sitcoms we enjoyed as kids or even as adults. With that in mind, every LEGO® sitcom has its own cool story and it’s incredibly fun, which is exactly what you need to consider.

Sit Complex – The Complex Tower

SitComplex  Floors LOGO Sit Complex Sit-Complex Complex Tower

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What a lot of people don’t know about Friends is that initially the name was Insomnia Café. Another interesting thing is that the opening credits were not shot in New York, it was actually done on the Warner Brothers lot.

It’s also unknown for a lot of people that the cast took a trip to Vegas before the show aired. The idea was to try and have a normal life before the show would start, as that’s when the craziness happens. And they were right.

Despite the fact that her character plays guitar, that was not the case for Lisa Kudrow. She didn’t know to play guitar at all, and that’s why we see her doing this in a very limited fashion.

It’s interesting to note that all Friends episodes were filed with a live audience, but the cliff hangers were not filmed with people. The main focus was to avoid anything that would be spoiled.

Friends Apartment
Click to see the LEGO® MOC Friends Apartments
Friends Apartment Part
Click to see the LEGO® MOC Friends Apartments
Friends Apartment Part
Click to see the LEGO® MOC Friends Apartments

Central Perk

Central Perk is a fictional coffee house from Friends and the main protagonists are always visiting it during the series. Rachel is actually working as a waitress there from 1994 and up until 1997. The café is located 97 steps away from Joey’s and Chandler’s apartment. You can also sport a Reserved sign that’s on the main table of the area. It can also be on the side table, depending on the situation.

Additionally, Phoebe Buffay was a common fixture at the Central Perk, where she played a multitude of songs. At one point she was replaced by Stephanie Schiffer hired by Terry. You can also find Ross doing his keyboard music in there. It’s interesting to see that the cast always had seats free, even if the background was always full. It’s interesting to see that the prices were also mimicking real life, with an herbal tea being $1.25 for example and a double latte $2.75. All of this brought a great sense of immersion, despite being a fictional location in the first place. It’s a very important part of the LEGO® sitcom complex, that’s for sure.

Friends Apartment Part
Click to see the LEGO® MOC Friends Apartments

To make the LEGO® Friends and Central Perk apartments you will need two sets, one is the 21319 (Central Perk) and 10292 (Friends apartment), both of these can be bought with the below links.

CentralPerk 21319 Central Perk
21319 Central Perk
LEGO 10292 Friends Apartment
10292 Friends Apartment

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory had 2 pilots before it was actually picked up as a series. It might sound crazy considering the success, but the pitch wasn’t exactly something the studios wanted. Even so, Jim Parsons believed he was auditioning for a game show initially. When it comes to Kunal Nayyar, he was hired mostly because of his charm, and they wanted a non-American for the role.

Mayam Bialik who plays Amy Farrah Fowler is a neuroscientist, so her character ended up being one. On top of that, Will Wheaton learned about the show on Twitter and he soon decided to join up, where he appeared on a variety of episodes. And, to make it even more fun, there’s a genus of fish named Bazinga after the moniker on the show. Also, towards the end of the show, the cast was making close to $1 million per episode.

Big Bang Apartment
Click to see the LEGO® MOC Big Bang Theory Apartment

This apartment is a modification of the official LEGO Big Bang Theory set (21302), it only requires one set to build it but you will also need to purchase some additional bricks from Bricklink to complete it.

Big Bang Theory Apartment 21302

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

How I Met Your Mother is said to be loosely based on the creator’s lives. On top of that, the MacLaren’s Pub is actually based on 4 favorite bars that writers were frequenting very often.

Unlike other sitcoms, the How I Met Your Mother episodes were not filmed in front of a live audience, even if it might seem like that. Every episode you see also has a Wesleyan University Connection, which is pretty interesting in its own right.

During the audition, Neil Patrick Harris acted out as Barney while playing laser tag. He did all kinds of rolls and dives. Even if he kicked out the desk and did all kinds of crazy stuff, this inspired creators and they soon decided he would be the one to choose.

Click to see the LEGO® MOC How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) Apartment


Seinfeld was an extremely popular show and it deserves its part in the LEGO® sitcom complex. They had a lot of inspirations, with the Lip Reader coming from an episode of Howard Stern. They also had an episode about guns, but that never aired. Not a lot of people know this, but Lawrence Tierney was planned to have an ongoing presence on the show, but due to an incident on the set, that ended up being pulled.

A funny thing is that Elaine’s New Yorker cartoon made it into the actual New Yorker, which was really interesting in its own right. We also have to say the fact that composer Jonathan Wolff tweaked the theme music for each episode. So if you listen to it carefully, you will notice quite a lot of differences. Which is great, because it makes the entire experience a lot more distinctive and unique in its own right. To make things even more interesting, Jerry’s puffy shirt is now in the Smithsonian, displayed as a historical artefact.

Seinfeld Apt
Click to see the LEGO® MOC Seinfeld Apartment

This apartment is a modification of the official LEGO Seinfeld Apartment (21328) set, as with the Big Bang Theory set you will also need to purchase some additional bricks from Bricklink to complete it.

Seinfeld Apartment 21328


It’s interesting to see the LEGO® Sit Complex and how it manages to bring all these beloved sitcoms together. It looks amazing and does credit to each and every one of shows. That being said, all these sitcoms have impressed and also influenced a plethora of people over the years, and because of this that is why Kim Plata (AKA LEGO® Artisan) designed the LEGO® Sit Complex.

I think one other reason the LEGO® Sit Complex has blown up is because it resonates to such a wide audience, millions of people all over the world in fact. It’s also incredibly rare get to see something like this and we are excited to work on part 2 of the LEGO® Sit Complex review.

To finish off, if you want to pay homage to your favourite shows then there really isn’t any better way than to build the apartment to sit proud in your house and bring back fond memories of what each show meant to you at certain points of your life.

If you have the LEGO® Sit Complex already we would love to see your build, send us an email with a picture of it attached and we will feature it on social media and on part 2 of our LEGO® Sit Complex Review!

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