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Why Is Everyone Using (LEGO® Star Wars PFP)

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Published: 15 January, 2022
Updated: February 24, 2023
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Fanatic LEGO® Star Wars fans have managed to take their fandom to the next level by creating and changing their social media profile pictures to a LEGO® Star Wars PFP.

As we know Star Wars is a big franchise with a huge following so it’s not hard to believe that LEGO® Star Wars is one of the most popular LEGO® Themes on the market which only fed this trend.

If you want to learn more about LEGO® Star Wars PFP and even find out how to set your profile picture as your favorite LEGO® Star Wars Minifigure then you are in the right place.

How did LEGO® Star Wars PFP begin?

The start of LEGO® Star Wars PFP actually started way before the hype began. Go back to 2005 when LEGO® Star Wars: The Video Game was released, if you played this game you would see that each playable character would have their own icon just like the ones below, the blue ring would change depending if you were a player 1 or 2.

star wars pfp examples
Credit to Lego Star Wars Icons | Know Your Meme

According to, the trend started to make an appearance in 2018 after the Instagram page @starwars.wookie posted a collection of 132 LEGO® Star Wars PFP saying “Join the LEGO® Star Wars Movement 😂. Change ur profile picture.”. After this, it was noticed on multiple social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram that people were starting to change their profile pictures to one of these 132 LEGO® Star Wars icons, although at this point it wasn’t a popular trend, this came soon after.

In late 2019, and early 2020 it started trending on TikTok, this was encouraged by accounts such as @starwars.wookie and @legostarwars_army by making it really easy for people to get whatever LEGO® Star Wars PFP they wanted.

On January 3rd, 2020 the LEGO® Star Wars PFP trend started to get interested from the media where The New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz tweeted saying what people were doing.

Soon after this on January 10th, 2020 it was reported that the #LSW hashtag (stands for LEGO® Star Wars if you didn’t know) had over 958 million views, on top of this the #LEGOStarWars hashtag was sitting at 384 million views. So just with these two hashtags, LEGO® Star Wars was sitting at more than 1.3 billion views!

Right now the two hashtags are still as popular as ever with over 4.5 billion views, I think it’s safe to say if you are a TikTok user and like LEGO® Star Wars you will enjoy looking through the content on these two hashtags.

Other than the media hyping the trend it’s also believed that the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie being released around the same time (20th December 2019) the trend started kicking off gave Star Wars fans that added reason to change their social media profiles.

How do people use LEGO® Star Wars PFP?

Typically it was found that Star Wars fans used LEGO® Star Wars profile pictures on their social media accounts, the main platforms are TikTok, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

With over 132 made available by Instagram accounts such as @legostarwars_army Star Wars fans could either pick their favorite character and stick with it or change their profile when they fancied something different.

It wasn’t just fans who did it either, either well-known businesses were doing it. The Washington Post as an example changed their profile picture to Jar Jar Binks!

What is LEGO® Star Wars: The Complete Saga?

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a combination of very popular video games. LEGO® Star Wars: The Video Game and its sequel LEGO® Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy.

This game was initially released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Nintendo DS on 6th November 2007 and on 13th October 2009, they released a PC version.

To show how popular this game really was they made it backward compatible from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One in 2013 and within the same year, they also released a version for the iPhone, soon after in 2016 it was finally available on the Play Store for Android devices.

Even though this game is 15 years old it is still popular amongst LEGO® Star Wars fans, with an age rating of 10+ the audience is huge so expect to hear about this game for a little while longer.

How can you create your own LEGO® Star Wars PFP?

One of the easiest ways to get your own LEGO® Star Wars PFP is to use ones that others have made publicly available, an example of this is the Instagram account @legostarwars_army where they have 99 different LEGO® Star Wars PFP images available to download.

Another great source for LEGO® Star Wars PFPs is the website, they have 126 different LEGO® Star Wars PFPs available to download and upload to your social media profile.

If you wanted to design your own this is also possible, you will need a template which you can download below. Once you have this you can use a website such as to upload your template and then simply put in the LEGO® Star Wars character you want to use.

LEGO Star Wars PFP Template
LEGO Star Wars PFP Template Transparent
Transparent PNG

What are some of the best LEGO® Star Wars PFPs?

With so many possibilities it was hard to pick our favorites but here we go, these are our top 3 LEGO® Star Wars profile pictures.

3. The Emperor LEGO® Star Wars profile picture

The Emporer LEGO® Star Wars PFP

2. Luke Skywaker (Pilot) LEGO® Star Wars profile picture

Luke Skywalker Pilot LEGO® Star Wars PFP

1. Darth Vader LEGO® Star Wars profile picture

Darth Vader LEGO® Star Wars PFP

Interested in LEGO® Star Wars? Check out these LEGO® Star Wars MOCs!

Whilst we are on the subject of LEGO® Star Wars we thought why not end it by showing off some of the LEGO® Star Wars MOCs available in our shop if you would like the instructions for yourself click the button below each image.

LEGO Star Wars Darth vader helmet  elevated

Darth Vader Helmet

This helmet has been designed by LEGO® Truman and is actually available for free. If you have seen the official LEGO® helmets they have released you will see that this Darth Vader MOC would fit in perfectly. LEGO® Truman has managed to capture the perfect shape, features, and even expression of Darth Vader. This is certainly a LEGO® Star Wars MOC that you would be proud to have your hands on.

FOBSW  Force of Bricks Outland TIE Fighter MK flight mode final part

Outland TIE Fighter

This masterpiece was designed by Force of Bricks and the detail that has gone into this LEGO® Star Wars MOC is unbelievable. The wings maneuver as they do in the movies, flat whilst they are flying and angled ready for attack and fire the lasers’ canons. There are more pictures on the listing (click the button below) that really show it in action but if you are a collector of LEGO® Star Wars ships you definitely need this one


Stormtrooper Mega Figure (fits official LEGO® Helmet)

I mean this one speaks for itself doesn’t it… the Stormtrooper is built to scale based on the official LEGO® Stormtrooper Helmet (75276). To give you an idea of how big this LEGO® Stormtrooper Mega Figure is, a LEGO® Stormtrooper Minifigure sits easily on one side of the Mega Figures hand. The blaster is a nice touch on this MOC, Albo LEGO® has outdone himself with this design, if you like this one you will definitely want to see the other LEGO® Star Wars Mega Figures he has designed.

If you were interested in seeing our whole collection of LEGO® Star Wars MOC Instructions click here…

Will you be changing your social media profile picture to a LEGO® Star Wars PFP? Which one will you pick or will you make you own LEGO® Star Wars PFP?

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