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Best LEGO® Star Wars Sets: A Galactic Adventure in Brick Form

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Published: 26 June, 2023
Updated: June 26, 2023
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A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

In 1977, the world witnessed the birth of a cinematic sensation with the release of George Lucas’ epic space opera, Star Wars. This film, set in a galaxy far, far away, would go on to shape the science fiction genre and popular culture for generations.

The Beginnings of Star Wars

George Lucas, inspired by the Flash Gordon serials and the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa, envisioned an epic space opera. In the early 1970s, he started crafting what would become Star Wars. It was initially a hard sell to studios, as the concept was ambitious and the technology needed was groundbreaking. Eventually, 20th Century Fox took a chance on Lucas’s dream.

The Initial Reception and Cultural Impact

The release of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope was a turning point in cinema history. The blend of mythology, space adventure, and special effects was unlike anything audiences had ever seen. The film was not just a box office success; it became a cultural phenomenon. Toys, books, and apparel flooded the market.

The subsequent releases of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi solidified Star Wars as a monumental franchise. It created a dedicated fanbase, who immersed themselves in the extended universe through novels, comic books, and fan conventions.

The Modern Era and Enduring Legacy

Star Wars’ legacy endured, and in the late 90s and 2000s, the prequel trilogy was released. Though met with mixed reviews, it introduced Star Wars to a new generation. Today, after the sequel trilogy and several spin-offs and series, Star Wars’ cultural impact remains massive, with an ever-growing fanbase and constant innovations.

Toys in the Star Wars Universe

Star Wars and toys have shared a symbiotic relationship. The franchise has inspired a plethora of action figures, vehicles, and playsets.


Kenner Products, a relatively small toy company at the time, won the license to produce Star Wars action figures. Little did they know it would change their fate. The demand for action figures was so immense that Kenner had to sell “Early Bird” certificates, promising to mail the figures when they were made. By the mid-80s, Kenner had sold hundreds of millions of Star Wars action figures.


Hasbro acquired Kenner in the early 1990s and revitalized the Star Wars toy line. With the release of the prequel trilogy, Hasbro produced highly detailed action figures, vehicles, and playsets. They also introduced innovations like Force FX lightsabers, with movie-accurate lights and sounds.


In 1999, LEGO® struck a deal with Lucasfilm to produce Star Wars sets. This was groundbreaking as it was the first time LEGO® had partnered with a movie franchise. The partnership was a hit, and over the years, LEGO® has produced some of the most sought-after sets, re-imagining iconic Star Wars ships, characters, and locations in brick form.

LEGO® Star Wars: A Brick Odyssey

LEGO® Star Wars sets bring together the best of two worlds – the creativity and engineering of LEGO® and the epic stories and characters of Star Wars. Sets like the Millennium Falcon, Death Star, and the Star Destroyer are marvels in detail and scale. The Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS) are especially notable for their size and accuracy, appealing to both LEGO® enthusiasts and Star Wars collectors.

Interesting Facts About Star Wars

  1. Alec Guinness thought Star Wars was ‘fairy-tale rubbish’. Despite his critical role as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alec Guinness didn’t initially hold the Star Wars script in high regard. In fact, he thought of it as “fairy-tale rubbish”. However, he later agreed to take the part due to George Lucas’s enthusiasm and the promise of a percentage of the film’s profits.
  1. Chewbacca’s voice is a mix of different animal sounds. Sound designer Ben Burtt created Chewbacca’s voice by mixing together the growls of a bear, a lion, a walrus, and a badger.
  1. R2-D2’s name came from film editing terminology. During the editing of George Lucas’s prior film, American Graffiti, the abbreviation “R2-D2” was used to denote Reel 2, Dialogue 2. Lucas liked the sound of it and decided to use it for the name of his heroic little droid.
  1. The famous “I have a bad feeling about this” line is a running gag in the franchise. This line, or a variation of it, appears in every main film of the Star Wars saga, often spoken by a main character at a moment of impending danger.
  2. Ewoks’ name is never spoken in the original trilogy. These furry creatures from the forest moon of Endor played a significant role in helping the Rebel Alliance in Return of the Jedi. However, their species’ name, Ewok, is never actually said out loud in the film.
  1. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader has been played by six different actors. These include David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Bob Anderson, Sebastian Shaw, Jake Lloyd, and Hayden Christensen. Each actor contributed to portraying different aspects of the character’s life and transformation.
  1. The Star Wars Holiday Special is the franchise’s most infamous spin-off. Aired on TV in 1978, the Holiday Special is often regarded as a low point in Star Wars history due to its odd plot and subpar quality. It’s become something of a cult classic for its sheer absurdity and the fact that it introduced the fan-favorite character Boba Fett.


When did the LEGO® Star Wars sets first release?

The LEGO® Star Wars sets were first released in 1999. This marked a significant milestone as it was the first time LEGO® collaborated with a film franchise. The release was strategically timed to coincide with the launch of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. It can be said that the partnership between LEGO® and Star Wars was a harbinger for the numerous franchise-themed LEGO® sets that followed.

What was the first LEGO® Star Wars set?

In 1999, LEGO® released several Star Wars sets simultaneously. Among these sets were the iconic X-Wing Fighter, Lightsaber Duel, and Land Speeder. The X-Wing Fighter, featuring an opening cockpit and movable wings, was particularly notable for capturing the essence of the spacecraft piloted by Luke Skywalker. These sets laid the foundation for what would become one of the most beloved and enduring product lines in LEGO® history.

How many LEGO® Star Wars sets are there?

As of my last update in September 2021, there are hundreds of LEGO® Star Wars sets, with more being released regularly. The line includes a diverse range of sets, from small battle packs and microfighters to extensive recreations of iconic spaceships and locations. There are also various categories, such as Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) sets, which are large, highly detailed models targeted at adult fans.

Is there a LEGO® Star Wars video game?

Yes, the LEGO® Star Wars franchise expanded into video games, with the first game titled LEGO® Star Wars: The Video Game released in 2005. This game covered the prequel trilogy and was followed by several sequels and compilations. The games are known for their humorous take on the Star Wars universe and have been popular among both younger audiences and longtime Star Wars fans.

What is the largest LEGO® Star Wars set ever made?

As of 2021, the largest LEGO® Star Wars set ever made is the Millennium Falcon, with an astonishing 7,541 pieces. It’s part of the Ultimate Collector Series and features intricate details, including removable hull panels, a detailed interior, and an array of characters. This set is a dream come true for both LEGO® and Star Wars enthusiasts and is often considered the crown jewel of a collector’s assortment.

Are LEGO® Star Wars sets good investments?

Some LEGO® Star Wars sets have proven to be excellent investments, with their value significantly increasing over time. Limited editions and retired sets, in particular, tend to be highly sought after by collectors. However, like any investment, there are risks and market fluctuations. It’s important to research and be knowledgeable about the collecting community if considering LEGO® sets as an investment.

Where can I buy LEGO® Star Wars sets?

LEGO® Star Wars sets are widely available at various retail channels. You can purchase them at toy stores, department stores, and official LEGO® stores. Additionally, online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and the official LEGO® website are excellent sources for finding both the latest sets and older, retired ones. For rare and collectible sets, you may also explore specialized forums and collector groups.


From its humble beginnings in the 1970s, Star Wars has grown into an enduring franchise that continues to capture imaginations across the globe. Its legacy is enriched through the merchandise, especially the toys. The collaboration between LEGO® and Star Wars epitomizes the best of both worlds, enabling fans to construct their epic sagas in brick form.

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