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LEGO® Alternate Builds

Welcome to the Belle-Ve Bricks Alternate Builds Documentation! If you’re looking to reimagine your existing LEGO® sets, you’re in the right place. This guide covers everything you need to know about our Alternate Builds services.

1. What Are Alternate Builds?

Alternate Builds are creative reconstructions of existing LEGO® sets. Instead of following the standard instructions, our expert designers take the same pieces and create something entirely new.

2. How It Works

Submit a request with details of the LEGO® set you wish to modify. Our design team will review your set’s inventory and craft a new model. You’ll receive custom instructions for your Alternate Build.

3. Benefits

Choosing an Alternate Build extends the life of your existing sets. It provides a new way to enjoy the LEGO® bricks you already own, without the need to purchase new sets.

4. Cost and Time Frame

Our pricing varies based on the complexity of the Alternate Build. You’ll receive a quote within two business days after your request is submitted.

5. FAQs

Visit our FAQs section for common questions and their answers. This includes information on how to submit a request, what to expect during the design process, and much more.

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