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  • Davejsp Technic Store
    My aim is to pick a given set and create the most B or C models i can out of it. I do prefer motorized builds though, so many of them will be considered modifications and not a C-model. I also create original MOCs from time to time.
  • Corvus Auriac MOCs
    Fantasy, supernatural and historial designs and random stuff turned into LEGO with an adult and dark touch. My preferences are Microscale and Macroscale.
  • Hudini Bricksmith
    mainly focus on Brickheadz design. Especially animate related roles. Doing random Brickheadz that pop out of my mind XD
  • Anythingbutyesnno Store
    I sell pacific rim instruction only and only the best is allowed
  • Staycalm182
    Custom LEGO models and instructions. Mostly characters and vehicles. Anime characters, vtubers, cars, ships and more.
  • PL MOCs
    LEGO MOCs with focus on alternative builds of modular buildings.