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Winter Wonderland – Winter Village Architecture

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Product Description (And More Tabs)


Winter Village is holiday subtheme of creator (now 18+) launched in 2009. It is one of the themes that brought me out of my dark age and I always wanted to create a small rendition of the sets in the Architecture style.
50589933497 01c6898de7 k
I make a minifig scale winter village at home each year and I really enjoy watching it during the holidays and maybe this moc will help those people that can’t make a big one.
50589069928 471b75bb00 k
I didn’t realize until I finished it but this came out with the highest piece count between my mocs.
Anyhow the price is very well below 10c per part even if there are some big burp pieces.
50589816751 f66ff97863 k
50589816541 db660e0f15 k
Total parts: 1534 – 379 Different
30,9 x 30 x 22 studs
                  24,7 x 24 x 17,6 cm
                   9.7 x 9.4 x 6.9 inches
50589069833 32b0c7430e k
Instructions Samples:50590042857 37d42dee90 c
50589925251 25acdfb5fc c
NOTES:– This design is “inspired by” , but in this brick form it’s the intellectual property of MOMABricks (aka MOMAtteo79). Any resale of these instructions without express permission from MOMABricks (aka MOMAtteo79) is an act of fraud and will result in legal action.


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