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Instructions Manual for the V-Wing Airspeeder

Additional Details


The V-Wing Airspeeder originates from the Rogue Squadron video game on N64 as well as the Dark Empire Comics that were unfortunately rendered uncanonical in the EU 2014 revision.

The V-Wing Airspeeder was a ship that served the New Republic after the Battle of Endor, designed for Planetary defense rather than space combat. The craft featured scramjet boosters allowing it to achieve incredible speed within atmosphere, as well as turbo rapid fire laser cannons.

Within the game Rogue Squadron, the V-Wing was made available to the player at the final mission in the Battle of Mon Calamari against world devastators. The ship is fondly remembered by those who played the game as it is hilariously overpowered with it’s incredible speed, firepower and usage of cluster missiles.

This digital LEGO® build aims to tribute this childhood favorite whilst recreating true to source details and accuracy, as well as playability.

A free, preview version of the instructions can be downloaded HERE

✔️ Full play features and scale to match retail sets!
✔️ Built and tested in Real Life!
✔️ Faithful to LEGO® Levels of quality, construction and durability standards

✔️ 100% Legitimate techniques, simplified and easy to follow steps
✔️ Stickerless Design!
✔️ Detailed with accuracy to source materials in mind
✔️ Conceived with existing, commonly available & lowest-cost pieces as much as possible
✔️ Premium Instructions that includes bonus material and documentation!


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Custom LEGO Models
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