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UCS GONK Droid (Gonky)

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Gonky was a defective GNK-series power droid who served Clone Force 99 aboard the Marauder. Wrecker frequently used the droid as a weightlifting aid. As a defective unit, Gonky’s power unit could not fully charge. The enhanced clone Omega used the droid as a cot for a brief time. Additionally, she spoke to Gonky on occasion, showing him her trooper doll. When the Marauder was boarded by enemy Zygerrians, Omega told the droid to hide, though he simply powered down.

Omega tried to fix Gonky’s power unit to allow him to charge fully, but Hunter told her it was no use since he was a defective unit. The young clone comforted Gonky by saying that they were all defective. During the Bad Batch’s mission to Daro, Gonky provided extra power to the ship when it was attacked by Imperial V-wing starfighters, but when a second group of V-wings opened fire, Gonky short circuited.

This model includes:
– 1890 Pieces
– Measures 17.4cm x 13.6cm x 30.2cm
– Weighs 1.9kg


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