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Skyscraper Modular City | build from 14 MOCs

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Product Description (And More Tabs)


That model build from 14 different MOCs, all the MOCs are modular and can connect in a variety of forms.

The model including:

Skyscraper building: 654 pieces

Skyscraper building #2: 1682 pieces

Skyscraper building #3: 1010 pieces

Skyscraper building #4: 918 pieces

Skyscraper building #5: 772 pieces

Skyscraper building #6: 678 pieces

Skyscraper building #7: 836 pieces

Skyscraper building #8: 873 pieces

Office building: 545 pieces

Office building #2: 535 pieces

Office building #3: 539 pieces

Urban Park: 1243 pieces

Apartment Building: 578 pieces

Apartment Building #2: 525 pieces



All together 11388 pieces required

*With the purchase of this object you only purchase the downloadable instructions in PDF and XML Parts List


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