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“Sand Runner” MOC (set 42099 alternative model) – Building Instructions

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Product Description (And More Tabs)

An off-road buggy as an alternative model for the 4×4 X-treme Off-Roader set.





This is an alternative model for the set 42099. It’s an off-road buggy type of vehicle, i call it “Sand Runner”.

Physical characteristics:
39cm / 49 studs
Width: 31cm / 39 studs
Heigth: 18cm / 22 studs
Weight: 1,3Kg (with batteries)
– Independent suspension on all wheels
– Remote-controlled steering
– Remote-controlled drive on the rear wheels through a differential: RWD

Miscelanious aspects:
– The final gear ratio from the XL motors into the rear wheels is 1,62:1 it’s a bit on the fast side but can’t take on big slopes or very rough terrain.
– The front axle ground clearance are 4,5 studs, and 6 studs on the rear axle.
– The batteries can be easily swapped from below, only two liftarms need to be removed.
– The green button to turn on the hub is easily accessible through the driver’s cabin.

Making a video for this MOC was more difficult than i antecipated: since my current smartphone was being used to control it, i had to use an older smartphone for the recording. Check some real pictures below and the video at the bottom of the page.
IMG 20220801 102355IMG 20220801 102416IMG 20220801 102520IMG 20220801 102555IMG 20220801 102455IMG 20220801 102436


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