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“Retro Racer (Servo version)” MOC – Building Instructions

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A retro-styled remote-controlled racer with a budget of around 300 pieces.

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Product Description (And More Tabs)


This is a remote-controlled racer powered by Power Functions electric components, which tries to somewhat replicate the look of retro remote-controlled toy cars. It is an enhanced version of my previous “Retro Racer” MOC which had a budget of around 300 pieces (there is also a 200 pieces budget version).
The main differences between this and the previous version are the steering, which is now controlled with a PF servo motor (instead of a l-motor/rubber band); the motor to wheels ratio is now 1:1.667 (instead of 1:1), so it’s faster; the color scheme is now black/dark azure (instead of black/red); and some minor aesthetical differences on the body shapes.
The wheels and tires shown on pictures are merely illustrative, not specifically part of this MOC as i believe everyone should use what they want or have available. Bigger or smaller wheels and tires can be used (with minimal adjusting if needed).
Everyone knows that getting your hands on a lego original servo motor at a reasonable price is extremely difficult now, so, in the specific case i recommend buying a 3rd party one. I have two fake, cheap, chinese PF servo motors and they work pretty fine and as intended.


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