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Prince Xizor’s Virago / StarViper

Made By: apocryphea, View store below


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Hailing from the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire multimedia project, the StarViper Heavy Starfighter, also known as the Virago owned by Prince Xizor.

Additional Details


Hailing from the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire multimedia project, the StarViper Heavy Starfighter, also known as the Virago owned by Prince Xizor, the overlord of the Black Sun criminal Syndicate and Rival to Dash Rendar and his Outrider!
This is my personal favorite Starfighter design in all of Star Wars, so I poured in every inch of my passion and experience in this masterpiece.
A super ambitious project, no one has managed to tackle this ship at this scale as of yet, due to the daunting complexity and intricacy of the design – So i set out to overcome this worthy challenge – All whilst maintaining the values I look for in a set.
Honestly this project would not have been possible if it were not for many of the new pieces from the last 2-3 years, enabling new construction possibilities. Chief amongst them are the new 1×5 Plates, the new Wedge Plates with various angles/pointed tips, etc.

Like most of my projects, this ship does not have an official LEGO® build, and I also designed this one with the same criterias you’d expect from a real product. Quality, Accuracy, Solidity, Stability, Techniques and Optimization. It has been fully tested, and is quite solid!

Here is a small PREVIEW VERSION of the instructions to see what you can expect!

✔️ Deployable Paralel Wings into Folded and Unfolded Configurations

✔️ Clamshell Cockpit Opening
✔️ Built and tested in Real Life! Fully swooshable.
✔️ Faithful to LEGO® Levels of quality, construction and durability standards
✔️ 100% Legitimate techniques, simplified and easy to follow steps
✔️ Stickerless Design!
✔️ Detailed with accuracy to source materials in mind
✔️ Conceived with existing, commonly available & lowest-cost pieces as much as possible
✔️ Premium Instructions that includes bonus material and documentation!

NOTE : Part 62576 Windscreen 5 x 8 x 2 shows as 36$~ in estimates but it really isn’t that high of a cost. It should be around 1.25$ each, at least in used. Total piece cost should be around 100CAD!


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