“Muscle Car” MOC – Building Instructions

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Power Functions remote-controlled “Muscle Car” MOC – Building Instructions

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This MOC is extremely compact and remote controlled using standard Power Functions components, this means the space left for details is very limited, anyway, i was able to implement a select number of details which are recognizable features of a muscle car, hopefully they are enough to make the MOC look like a muscle car:
– A large body; the car is wide enough i think, but it should have been longer i guess (this may be a limitation from using the chassis as a starting point).
– Hood scoop; the name says it all.
– Side pipes; not all muscle cars have them, but this one was easy to add, so the exhaust is represented through the use of side pipes.
– Fastback design; once again, not all muscle cars have it, but was very convenient to implement (to hide the battery pack), so here it is.
Other trivial details include the driver and passanger seats, steering wheel, side mirrors, front grill, headlights, tail lights, front and rear bumpers.
Other things worth mentioning: since it is an RC vehicle, the only functions it has are the motorized driving and steering. It can be turned on or off from below through the use of a liftarm connected to the battery pack.
Race version: I created a “Race” version of this MOC, which features a rear differential powering both wheels of course, as such, the gear ratio also changed to 1.4:1, lowering its speed, but increasing the torque, so this version can take on slopes, it also has a different color scheme and slightly different aesthetics.


The two versions, have their own separate pages on so that you can check the parts list of each one (as they are substantially different), but, downloading either one of them will get you the building instructions for both, how nice is that?


This original version has 435 pieces spread over 63 steps, and the race version has 441 pieces spread over 62 steps, so you will be connecting an average of 7 pieces per step on either version.



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