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Modular House

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You are buying digital instructions and parts list, no bricks are included in this order.
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In this order you will receive:

  • An XML file that you can use to upload to BrickLink to easily order your bricks.
  • The building instructions in a PDF format.

Please check the specifications for more information. Please note no bricks are included in this order.

This is my first modular, it is a house, but since I have not done the interiors, you will be free to decide what to make it become: a hotel, a theater or whatever!

I never put my works up for sale, but many of you asked me and I finally decided to embark on this adventure.

By purchasing these instructions you will find in addition to the PDF files also the XML file for BrickLink. In addition you will also find the files of both the complete construction and divided into modules.

I used around 2800 pieces, I was inspired by neoclassical architecture and it wants to be a Renaissance style building.

NOTE: in module files 2/3/4 you will find a base plate 32×32 light bluish gray. this baseplate was put only to improve the instructions, in reality you won’t need it

I hope you enjoy!

Additional information


Modular House


Luca Petraglia





Rough brick cost

Estimate took from Bricklink at the time of listing ~ £516

Vendor Information

Supes WW
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