Midi Scale M5-BZ

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1319 Pieces
Fully Rotating Head
Retractable Leg
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Meet M5-BZ!!
Also known as “Beezee”, M5-BZ was the property of Jedi Master Tera Sinube. When Colonel Meebur Gascon of the Galactic Republic wished to infiltrate a Separatist ship in order to obtain an encryption module scrambling all Separatist communications within the region, he formed D-Squad, an all-droid team. M5-BZ was assigned to the team, but the droid secretly had his memory banks removed, allowing the diminutive colonel to use him as a mobile command center.

While on this mission, M5-BZ tried to open a booby-trapped door, and got electrified. The rest of his team repaired him shortly afterwards.

While on a mission, D-Squad came under attack by buzz droids aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer (which had been hijacked by the Separatists), and M5-BZ opened the ship’s airlock, pulling the buzz droids, along with himself, into the vacuum of space.
This model is also to scale with all my other Midi Scale droids

This model includes:
– 1319 pcs
– 17.4cm wide x 12.5cm long x 26.5cm tall
– Fully rotateable head
– Retractable leg
– 2 arm compartments
– Fully retractable 3rd leg


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