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MEDIEVAL FARMHOUSE by Bay’s Design, 2021

Inspire by LEGO® Medieval Blacksmith set 2021, MEDIEVAL FARMHOUSE is built with a total amount of 1,801 pieces, 25.8cm in height, 39.0cm width and 32.90cm length as a compliment to Medieval Blacksmith in order to create a beautiful Medieval neighborhood or even a Medieval Village!

Sharing the same design principle and direction with Blacksmith, MEDIEVAL FARMHOUSE added with some artistic elements to enhance the aesthetic of the outlook for itself. Not to forget also Fantasy features also a new added element to make the design much interesting.

Beautiful Purple Vine Tree become the main eye-catching point for the whole design. Piglet and corns surround the farmhouse matching back the living environment of Medieval Era. Openable ground floor allows you to added any interior as you like to be. Attic space with openable roof again allow your imagination to run wild and occupy that space as your preference.

The color combination of white, grey and earth-tone colors presents a harmony and humble character of the MEDIEVAL FARMHOUSE. Standing elegantly with its architecture but never too much to show off the aggressiveness to the surrounding buildings located surrounding.

MEDIEVAL FARMHOUSE, a wonderful Medieval Architecture design not only for well-display purpose but also allow your lovely imaginations to play with it!


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Custom LEGO Models
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