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Mandalore Throne Room

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Following the onset of the Clone Wars, the palace became the center of power on Mandalore. It was here that Duchess Satine declared the planet neutral. Obi-Wan Kenobi originally visited Satine here when he was on a mission to investigate the Death Watch on Concordia.

Around 20 BBY, the palace played a pivotal role in the Shadow Collective’s Takeover of Mandalore. It was from the royal balcony that the Death Watch made their first appearance, promising to do what the Duchess could not—stop the attacking gangsters. After Death Watch staged their victory, the Duchess was arrested in the throne room and the Shadow Collective leaders—Ziton Moj, Lom Pyke, and Savage Opress—were brought before the Mandalorians to turn the people in favor of the Death Watch so that Pre Vizsla could be declared Prime Minister. Once Vizsla had a tight grip on the planet, he betrayed Darth Maul, subduing him and presenting him to the people as an object lesson of the danger of being weak. Maul returned, however, after escaping from prison, and challenge Vizsla to a duel in the throne room. Ultimately, Maul killed Vizsla, and sparked a firefight between those in the Death Watch who gave their loyalty to Maul, and those who refused to follow an outsider, led by Bo-Katan Kryze. After Maul reinstated Almec as Prime Minister, he gave his acceptance speech from the royal balcony, promising a bright future as Mandalore returned to its warrior past.

This model includes:
– 630 Pieces
– Measures 13.6cm x 17.6cm x 19.2cm
– Weighs 0.5kg


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