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Malfoy Manor
You can now build the iconic Malfoy Manor, home of the wealthy pure-blood Malfoy family and base of operations for Lord Voldemort during the Second Wizarding War

The build is 3 stories high which are all connected by a detailed and accurate staircase. 

On the ground floor you can find the entrance hall, a living room and a hallway leading to the stairs. The living room is staffed with two couches and a bust, in the entrance hall you will find a coat tree, a big clock and dresser with an integrated mirror.

On the first floor you can find Draco’s chamber  as well as Lucius‘ office, both rooms are again packed with details like a closet, a canopy bed, a Nimbus 2001 and Lucius‘ collection of dark magic artefacts as well as a desk with a very detailed seat in front of it. 

The iconic room with the long table and the chimey in the back is located on the second floor, as well as a small library. 

Total parts: 4064

-You will receive a partslist (XML), the file and detailed PDF-instructions for the model! 

-I would be very thankful if you would send me pictures of the finished model incase you decide to build it! Instagram: @jl.bricks

-This build took me around 40-50 hours to design and make the instructions for. This is by far the longest I ever needed for a build. 

Ways to reduce the price of the bricks:

-You can replace all the dark brown tiles on the ground with black tiles, which are cheaper. This causes the interior to look very monotone though. 

-You can replace the 3 “Slope 75 2 x 2 x 2 Quadruple Convex” (3688) pieces (which are quite expensive) with normal 2×2 cones in black (3942c) to reduce the price further, that would look less accurate and a bit ugly though. (Those Quadruple Convex pieces are located at the peaks of the roofs). 

You have to make all of those changes manually if you decide to lower the price that way! 

This design is “inspired by” , but in this brick form it’s the intellectual property of JL.Bricks.
Any resale of these items, without express permission from JL.Bricks is not admissible. There is no possibility of a refund. Exclusion of warranty.

Words/notions written in italics aren’t the intellectual property of JL.Bricks.


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Custom LEGO Models
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