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LEGO® instructions Darth Vader Mega Figure (fits official Lego Helmet)

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You are buying digital instructions and parts list, no bricks are included in this order.
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Here’s the third Star Wars Mega Figure, by popular request, Darth Vader!

The helmet is the official Lego one (75304) without his original black stand and a little modification to connect the head to the body. I’ve tried to use as many cheap colours and parts as possibile, but I wanted to keep as many details as I could, because, well, he is Darth Vader 😉

Like for the other Mega Figures, you can replace all the colours you don’t see outside (lime, reddish brown and a few others). Please note you are buying the digital content only, parts list and instructions.

In the inventory the lightsaber 2×2 round bricks are red, because trans-red are a bit expensive, but you can replace them of course.


IMPORTANT UPDATE (07/11/2021): some of you reported a lack of friction of part 62712, that sometimes cannot properly sustain the weight of the torso. For that reason, I've just uploaded an updated version of this MOC, that includes also a better arm connection to torso.

Now the inventory includes all the parts of the updated model. For those who have already bought the parts with the previous inventory, I've also uploaded a file, that includes only the new parts needed to update the model.

The changes are at steps  1, 2, 81, 86, 87, 145, 150, 151, 265 to 275, 386 to 393, 399, 400, 441 to 448, 454, 455

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1 review for LEGO® instructions Darth Vader Mega Figure (fits official Lego Helmet)

  1. Giovanni (verified owner)

    A perfect body for my preferred Lego Helmet! awesome project with clear a simple instructions! recommended

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MOC designer, Star Wars fan. Lego lover

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