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LEGO® instructions Boba Fett Mega Figure (fits official Lego Helmet)

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Brick Built Boba Fett Mega Figure- Fits Lego official helmet


When Lego started his Star Wars Helmets collection, I thought it would be really cool if those helmets could also have a body… Then I discovered a Brick Built Minifigure made by Aukbricks that could perfectly fit the Lego helmets’ size, so I took inspiration from his design and made my own model, so that now I can finally release this Boba Fett Mega Figure!

The helmet is the official Lego one without his original black stand (steps from 37 to 57), while the Jetpack is the one I’ve already released some time ago and is also available in sand green. So, the inventory includes only the body parts, without the helmet and the jetpack.

I’ve tried to use the cheapest colour for any part that is not clearly visible, so you can skip those to any other colour if you need. Do NOT change any part in Dark Bluish Grey, Dark Red, Light Bluish Grey, Sand Green, Reddish Brown, Bright Light Orange, Dark Green, Black, White and Green.

If you want to add a unique detail to the chest, you can replace one the Sand Green Slope, Curved 2×2 with part n° 15068pb153 (a bit expensive) that has a silver splotch pattern (battle damage)


IMPORTANT UPDATE (05/11/2021): some of you reported a lack of friction of part 62712, that sometimes cannot properly sustain the weight of the torso. For that reason, I’ve just uploaded an updated version of this MOC, that includes also a better arm connection to torso.

Now the inventory includes all the parts of the updated model. For those who have already bought the parts with the previous inventory, I’ve also uploaded a BobaFettBigFIX.zip file, that includes only the new parts needed to update the model.

The changes are at steps  1, 2, 85, 90, 91, 166, 171, 172, 268 to 279, 345 to 356, 409 to 420

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