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Lego Frame – Winter Village Fireman’s Home (Alternative of 10263)

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Hello everyone! 


Every year there is a new Christmas set.  But how will do with your old one?  It is always a big problem for me as I am living in small apartment.  If you are facing the same issue with me, come to see my below solution! 


Instead of putting the old Christmas set back to its box, would it be a good idea to reduce it into a photo frame and hang it on the wall? Displaying a photo frame needs minimal space only and one can also keep the set free from dust!  




This is the alternate framed version of official set 10263 Winter Village Fire Station but I have turned it into a fireman’s lovely home with his wife and baby and dog!  By the name of alternative, this framed version does not require any extra brick and you have all necessary parts in the original set!


The fire engine and the pool in the official set are untouched so one may keep them while turning the rest into frame.  Although you do not need any extra part to build this MOC, you may replace some small parts with larger ones in order to achieve better stability and color unification.  


The frame is designed to fit into an IKEA Ribba frame 23cm x 23cm.  But any other frame with interior demensions at least 21.6cm x 21.6cm x 3.2cm (depth) will also fit.  Of course, it is a very good display even not in a photo frame! 




If you like my Lego frame idea, please come and see my other works!  Thank you!



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