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Instructions and XML Parts Lists for custom brick creations.

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Elephant Buddy


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The instructions and Parts list to build your own Elephant Buddy out of LEGO® bricks. This design was inspired by Austin Carlson's Elie the Elephant.

As the story goes, the first Blockhead, or BrickHeadz, was an Elephant named Elie designed by Austin Carlson for a coworker. I used that “blockhead” as the inspiration for this Elephant Buddy. My intention was to create a unique, more modern, interpretation of that original design.

The color palette remains the same, which presented unique challenges. I tried to make the nose and ears appear closer to an actual elephant. I gave it a more rounded torso, both on the front and the back. I went back and forth on using the traditional clip hands or sticking with the original design which used tiles, and decided it looked better with the modified plate with clip.

Happy Building,


This item includes only the following:
– Instructions for both versions (PDF File)
– Parts Lists for both versions (XML File)

109 Parts
Approximate cost of parts is $13-14USD, excluding shipping, according to at the time of this listing.

*Updated 5/23/2021 Updated branding, increased visual quality of instructions.

LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group. They do not sponsor, authorize, or endorse, these instructions or this model.

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I'm an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). I enjoy creating custom Brickheadz and collecting aircraft made from LEGO bricks.

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