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Additional Details


This MOC consists of a medieval Barrack! It is the fourth MOC related to a modular Medieval Fortress and it comes as a continuation of my three previous creations: Castle TowerCastle Wall and Castle Gate. However, this MOC can also stand as an independent building and decorate any medieval city!
The Barracks is full of details and small creations! Both the interior and the exterior of the building are fully-equipped and meticulously decorated. This MOC is also a modular building as the first floor can be easily removed and give full access to the main floor, while the roof can easily open to increase its play-ability.
The Barracks MOC is surrounded by a strong stone wall with wooden details and can be accessed through the main stone gate. In front of the main building, the training ground is located, where the soldiers are properly trained, disciplined and get ready to fight! The elite soldiers have access to various weapons and can practice their face-to-face combat skills by engaging with the wooden “puppet” dolls. 
The main building consists of two floors. The main floor includes the Kitchen, where the cooker can grill a whole pig (!) in the stone fireplace to fully satisfy the needs of the tired soldiers and the Great Hall, where the soldiers can eat, relax and enjoy a cup of wine! The first floor includes the Bed Chambers where the soldiers can leave their war equipment and rest during the night hours. In order to focus on their training and stay alert, the soldiers used to sleep in the Barracks! Finally, the two parts of the roof can be hinged and this gives the possibility to easily place the mini-figures.
For more details, please check the posted pictures.
Total: 2490 pieces
Size:  28 x 28 x 20 cm      (one 32×32 baseplate)    
Parts: easy to find, optimized based on the color and price
Note: the depicted mini-figures are not included in the instructions and the part-list
Thank you for your support! Please feel free to contact me for any comments/feedback. I hope you enjoy my creations and more will come! Have fun building!!


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Custom LEGO Models
Custom LEGO Models
Online Download
Customer Happiness: 4.8 / 5.0