Café Cinema – 10255 Assembly Square Alternative Build

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Alternative build of the LEGO official 10255 Assembly Square set.

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These instructions are using only parts from 10255 Assembly Square set. Some spare parts from the original set are also used. You will get light and dark version of the handcrafted instructions in PDF and bricklink list in XML.
Assembly square is meant to be inspired by all previous modular building sets. You can see that there is hidden the whole 10232 Palace Cinema! Palace Cinema is no longer in production so you can recreate it now with set which is still available. This build has features from both sets.
This modular building is not exact copy of the existing set. It is set in different time when old movie theatre no longer exists. It was replaced with modern hipster cinema. On the first floor there is small café where customers can buy various cakes or snacks. There are also two cash registers which can sell tickets both inside and outside of the building. Detailed carpet leads customers to old school stairs. They can pick up salty or cheese popcorn along the way. The Palace sign in the front was replaced with modern one.
On the second floor there is cinema hall equipped with modern audio system. Under the larger screen there are two front speakers and chunky subwoofer. There are no traditional seats. There is a mixed bag of older seats with tables from different eras arranged in a way that customers can enjoy their cakes during the movie. The project is now hidden behind the wall with additional rear speakers. Projector controlled by computer and there is comfortable seat for the operator.
On the roof there is only small coffee table and elaborate roof inspired by original set but build with available bricks.
Instructions are handcrafted in Studio 2.0 with all details and proper views of the build. You should be able to build this modular building without any issues. Please let me know via private message if something will not be clear. I will try to help you.
Enjoy the build!


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