Borgin and Burke’s & McHavelock’s Wizarding Headgear

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Borgin and Burke’s & McHavelock’s Wizarding Headgear

This is another expansion module for the 2020 Diagon Alley Set (75978), this time it’s representing a part of Knockturn Alley! It has the same connection points and blends in perfectly with the set!

On the left side you can see Borgin and Burke’s, an antique shop located in Knockturn Alley with quite a shady reputation. 

On the right side you can see
McHavelock’s Wizarding Headgear, a successful shop that specialised in hats and wigs.

In Borgin and Burke’s we can find a salesroom on the ground level packed with the iconic Vanishing Cabinet and a few other artefacts.

The room of Mr.Borgin or Mr.Burke is located above the salesroom. It’s including a grandfather clock, a dresser, a desk and  a carpet.

On the ground level of McHavelock’s Wizarding Headgear the salesroom is located, integrating a hat stand and a display area of different hats. Above that we can find the bedroom of the owner.

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