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Birch Books & Apartment – 10270 Bookshop Alternative Build

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Product Description (And More Tabs)

Alternative build of the LEGO official 10270 Bookshop set.


These instructions are using only parts from 10270 Bookshop set. It is also using extra parts from the original set. You will get light and dark version of the handcrafted instructions in PDF and bricklink list in XML.

The main motivation behind this build was to extend the bookshop and hide dark turquoise color as much as possible. The building consists of two floors and accessible roof. In front of the building there are two birch trees and two flower-beds. 

On the first floor there is large “Birch Books” bookshop. It is extended by additional bookshelves and place where customer can get cup of tea. Dominant of this floor is large spiral staircase.

On the second floor there is a flat which consists of leisure area and bathroom. Furniture is used mostly from original set but there are some modifications of it. There is also access to the balcony.

Roof contains sitting area and stand for book reading/writing. It can be accessed by ladder and folding door.

Instructions are handcrafted in Studio 2.0 with all details and proper views of the build. You should be able to build this modular building without any issues. Please let me know via private message if something will not be clear. I will try to help you.

Enjoy the build!


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