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You are buying digital instructions and parts list, no bricks are included in this order.
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You can now buy & build the reknown prison of the Wizarding WorldAzkaban

It includes a blast feature where you can blow away a part of the prison to either display the full prison, the prison from the scene where many deatheaters escaped or you can just use it as a playfeature!

In addition you will find one prison cell behind a removable wall

The structure is very sturdy and his held by a bunch of technic beams and other brick bracings to insure that nothing falls apart on accidant! 

Total parts: 1989

-You will receive a partslist (XML) and detailed PDF-instructions for the model! The parts for the model cost between 200€-300€ due to a large amount of 1×8 and 1×4 bricks on Bricklink.

This design is “inspired by” , but in this brick form it’s the intellectual property of JL.Bricks.
Any resale of these items, without express permission from JL.Bricks is not admissible. There is no possibility of a refund. Exclusion of warranty.

Words/notions written in italics aren’t the intellectual property of JL.Bricks.


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