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10265 Ford Mustang Alternative Build

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Build the Bluebird Automaton using LEGO(R) 10265 Ford Mustang with these instructions!

You can make the bird model fly by rotating the handle.
The bird’s wings and body move in a counterbalance as the mechanism is activated.
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The top of the automaton is decorated with a steampunk theme.  It contains multiple elements including: valve, steam pipes, and a governor with a steam gauge. 

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The sides of the elegant stand display details inspired by baroque style. 
You can find a highly detailed façade with a miniature of the automaton.

Try to appreciate the bird flying calmly and gracefully over the loud and sophisticated machine.  

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Plus, The appendix is included with instructions to motorize the automaton.  The Power function M-motor and Battery box is required to motorize.

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Sample Images:

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50119946512 59cb91d189 c
50119155558 287efe3641 c
50119723216 1260758a7e c
50119155638 87afbdd0f1 c
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As a copyrighted design, all rights belong solely to Inyong Lee (Inyongbricks). 
Any resale of these items, without express permission from Inyongbricks is an act of fraud and will result in legal action.
It will also bring you bad Karma.

Refund Policy: 
Due to the fact that digital instructions are non-returnable, we cannot refund the cost of the instructions.  Should you encounter any problems using the instructions, please let me know and I will assist you.


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