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Instructions for an Alternate Build of the LEGO(R) 10255 Assembly Square into a European Jazz Cafe.
This model is comprised of 3 levels containing a highly detailed interior.

On the ground level, there is a spacious coffee shop with a refreshing terrace.
In the kitchen of the cafe, you will discover everything you need to create an inviting atmosphere.  The kitchen features a vintage coffee grinder complete with coffee machine,  ovens for baking desserts, display case and there is an adorable ice cream machine as well.
On the other side, you’ll find a restroom nestled under the staircase.

On the mid-level, there is additional seating and you’ll discover the tiny Assembly square.  Also featured on this level is the stage set and ready for the Jazz concert, complete with various instruments. 

On the upper level overlooking the stage, there are extra seats in an additional seating area.  Additionally, you will find spotlights pointing towards the stage. You will also encounter the tiny tower bridge created inside for the interior decoration.

The exterior of the building features a mixture of Baroque, 1930s Art Deco and other modern styles.  Highlights include a highly detailed pediment on the right facade,
beautifully curved gable on the top, uniquely shaped towers by the windows on the left facade and neutral colours including grey, sand green, tan and white.

To complete the scene, you can even make a 3-wheeler vehicle and pram for the baby.

Now, you can experience a new building with these instructions.
Everything is included with the instructions, you only need the LEGO® 10255 Assembly Square.


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49211820916 2f47dacfd0 c
49211336528 8fee653bf2 c
49212045182 37df14df64 c
49211336423 4624e7ea01 c
49212045072 8f0d4fb1f0 c
49211821241 4469d12d8d c
49212044972 cdda60332c c
49211336173 f2f829646e c
49211821111 9b9062b956 c
49212044697 8bbff948c6 c
49212044747 1b95257801 c

49211820981 a62d106890 c
49212044617 dcfb423b14 c
49211335868 a5c1dda38d c
49211820876 7b33310ca7 c
49211336958 95040c6c86 c

This design is the intellectual property of Inyongbricks.
As a copyrighted design, all rights belong solely to Inyong Lee (Inyongbricks). 
Any resale of these items, without express permission from Inyongbricks is an act of fraud and will result in legal action.
It will also bring you bad Karma.

Refund Policy: 
Due to the fact that digital instructions are non-returnable, we cannot refund the cost of the instructions.  Should you encounter any problems using the instructions, please let me know and I will assist you.


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