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Painting LEGO Bricks (Complete Guide)

Published On: 14 February, 2023
Updated: March 4, 2023
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Painting LEGO bricks can be great fun and a perfect way to add an individual touch to your LEGO set. In this post, we’ll cover what you will need for painting your own LEGO bricks, provide an overview of the project, and give some tips and tricks for achieving a professional-level finish.

Is it Okay to Spray Paint LEGO Bricks?

List of What You Will need to paint LEGO bricks

  • LEGO Pieces
  • Primer
  • Paint (acrylic, spray paint, or markers)
  • Brushes and sponges
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Newspaper or drop cloths
  • Clear sealant (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Safety goggles (optional)

If you’re looking to paint LEGO bricks, there are a few things you’ll need. First, make sure that your LEGO pieces are clean and dry before getting started. You will also need rubbing alcohol or an oil-free cleaner to remove any residual oils or waxes from the surface of the pieces. Additionally, choose a type of paint compatible with plastic materials for the best results. It’s important to test a small area first before applying the paint more broadly. Finally, make sure you have some form of sealant handy once your painting is finished in order to protect your design and keep the colors vibrant!

Overview of Painting LEGO Bricks

Painting LEGO pieces is a fun project that can be done with a variety of materials and supplies. Start by deciding which colors you want to use and gathering the necessary supplies. Then, prepare your LEGO pieces by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol or an oil-free cleaner. At this point, you may want to consider using masking tape or painter’s tape to cover any areas of the pieces you do not wish to paint over. Once the pieces are prepped, it’s time to start painting! Use brushes, sponges, and other tools for adding color and detail to your design. Finally, once you have achieved the desired effect, seal the finished product with a clear sealant for lasting results.

Tips and tricks for painting LEGO bricks

The first step to a great painted LEGO piece is proper preparation. Start by cleaning the pieces with rubbing alcohol or an oil-free cleaner. This will ensure that the paint has something to bond with and prevent it from flaking off in the future. Next, consider using masking tape or painter’s tape to cover any areas of the pieces you do not wish to paint over. This will help keep your design clean and neat while painting.

Preparation of Painting LEGO Bricks

1. Cleaning the pieces

To ensure a perfect finish, it’s important to clean your LEGO pieces before beginning. Rubbing alcohol or an oil-free cleaner will remove any oils or waxes from the surface of the pieces that may prevent the paint from adhering properly.

2. Using masking tape

Masking tape or painter’s tape can be used to cover areas of the pieces you don’t want to be painting over. This helps to create sharp edges and keep your design clean and neat while painting. Be sure to use low-tack tape for the best results!

3. Priming the pieces

Using a primer before painting can be beneficial for ensuring that the paint will adhere to the plastic surfaces. This is especially useful if you are using darker colors, as they tend to require more coats of paint than lighter shades.

4. Sanding

After priming your pieces, you may want to use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out any bumps or ridges on the surface. This helps ensure an even finish when painting and prevents brush strokes from showing through. It’s also important to remove any dust or debris from the pieces with a small brush before beginning your painting process.

Painting the LEGO Pieces

1. Selecting the right paints

Selecting the right paint for your project is essential for achieving a professional-looking finish. Choose paints that are made specifically for plastic surfaces or those labeled as “toy safe” to ensure a long-lasting result. Additionally, consider using spray paints for larger areas and brushes or sponges for smaller details and designs.

2. Applying the paint

Once you have selected the appropriate paint, it’s time to start applying it to your pieces! For best results, apply several thin coats of paint instead of one thick coat. Allow each layer to dry completely before adding more color or detail. If you make a mistake while painting, simply use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove any excess paint.

3. Finishing touches

Final details such as outlines, patterns, and text can be added to your pieces using thin-tipped brushes or an airbrush. These tools will help you achieve a polished look for your project. Once you’re finished, seal the piece with a clear sealant in order to protect your design and keep the colors vibrant! With these tips and tricks, painting LEGO pieces is sure to be a breeze!

Aftercare and Maintenance of Your LEGO Bricks

1. Sealing in your new design

is important for protecting the paint and keeping it vibrant, but it’s also important to remember that regular maintenance is key. Clean your pieces periodically with a gentle cleaner, such as rubbing alcohol or an oil-free solution. Avoid harsh cleaners and abrasive materials when caring for your painted LEGO pieces, as these can cause damage to the surface of the plastic. Additionally, avoid exposing your pieces to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time in order to prevent fading or warping. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your newly painted LEGO creations for years to come!

2. Tips for keeping your brick colors vibrant

To keep your brick colors looking fresh, you’ll want to avoid exposing them to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Additionally, use a sealant designed specifically for plastic surfaces after each painting session in order to protect the paint from fading or cracking. Finally, store your LEGO pieces in an airtight container when not in use to prevent dust and other particles from settling on the surface. With these tips and tricks, you can keep your designs looking as good as new!

More Info

Links to Other related resources and tips on painting LEGO bricks

can be found on the official LEGO website. You can also view step-by-step tutorials by experienced painters and builders, as well as find inspiration for your own projects. With the help of these resources, you’ll be able to take your creative endeavors to new heights!


By following these steps and using the right supplies, you will be well on your way to creating unique masterpieces out of your favorite LEGO bricks! Painting is a great way to add a personal touch to your LEGO collection and express yourself through your creations. So, get creative and have fun!

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