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Is the LEGO Indiana Jones Theme Making a Return?

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Its been rumoured that four new LEGO Indiana Jones sets may be released in October 2022, this rumour started after a Spanish website listed four new LEGO sets all with the codename “Coconut”. Ties back to the LEGO Indiana Jones video game strengthens the belief that LEGO Indiana Jones will reappear after a long 13 years since it was retired. have been known as a pretty reliable source for LEGO rumours and with the new Indiana Jones 5 movie being released in 2023 it would make sense that if the LEGO Indiana Jones theme was to make a reappearance then around the time of the new movie would be perfect timing.

It’s also not unheard of LEGO giving codenames to upcoming sets or themes for example the LEGO Minions had the codename “Banana” and LEGO Super Mario was given the codename “Leaf”.

The four set numbers 75571 to 75574 appeared in the shop of with very little clue what they could be, we know they have the recommended age of 9+ and 12+ and that they will be in stock in October 2022 but that’s about it.

Let’s take a look at what was included in the LEGO Indiana Jones theme a few years back…

Between 2008 and 2009 they released 18 LEGO Indianan Jones sets, these were:

  1. BrickMaster (SDCC 2008 exclusive)
  2. 20004: Jeep
  3. 7683: Fight on the Flying Wing
  4. 7682: Shanghai Chase
  5. 7628: Peril in Peru
  6. 7627: Temple of the Crystal Skull
  7. 7626: Jungle Cutter
  8. 7625: River Chase
  9. 7624: Jungle Duel
  10. 7623: Temple Escape
  11. 7622: Race for the Stolen Treasure
  12. 7621: Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb
  13. 7620: Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase
  14. 7199: The Temple of Doom
  15. 7198: Fighter Plane Attack
  16. 7197: Venice Canal Chase
  17. 7196: Chauchilla Cemetery Battle
  18. 7195: Ambush In Cairo

There were some particularly good sets released over a couple of years and it would be great to see a come back, we will definitely be watching what happens with this rumour and hope that codename “Coconut” doesn’t disappoint!

What are your thoughts about this rumour? Do you think it is LEGO Indiana Jones or do you have another theory or suggestion what it could be?

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