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Inspiration, Hints & Tips With LEGO MOC Designer They_See_Me_Buildin

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The first of our series of Q&A sessions with one of Belle-Ve Bricks LEGO MOC designers is Stijn or otherwise known as in our shop They_See_Me_Buildin.
We want you to be able to get inspiration from the LEGO MOC designers that sell with us, so if you have any questions why not pop a comment at the end of this blog and let’s get you INSPIRED!

Can you share a little about yourself?

Well ehm, hi! I’m Stijn, I’m from the Netherlands, (which is in Europe). You might not be able to pronounce it since its a very Dutch name ;). I am 16 years old, but almost 17 and most of you might know me by the username They_see_me_buildin on Instagram. I make custom Brickheadz and post them on Instagram and Reddit. But of course, I also make a lot of other MOCs. I also have other hobby’s. I play tennis and I love to draw, like, a lot. I just finished high school, and after the big summer vacation, I will be studying to become a teacher. Excuse me if I make some grammar mistakes in this Q&A, but as I said, English isn’t my native language. 😀

How did you get into designing LEGO MOCs?

I’ve been making MOCs for A long time! As far as I can remember, when I was young I started with Duplo and it was nothing great or impressive, but I sure did enjoy it! Ever since then I’ve built a lot of things! I saw people online build amazing things and I wanted to do that too, so I did. Because I really enjoy the process of building, I love how much freedom you have with Lego. The possibilities are endless and I love that. I have built robots, houses, little scenes and vehicles, and of course Brickheadz.

What software and websites do you use to design and release your LEGO MOCs?

This is one of those frequently asked questions, I build almost all my Brickheadz with the computer program STUD.IO by BrickLink. I use it for building, rendering, and making instructions. I also do backgrounds and some editing (like colors and ‘special effects’) in a simple drawing program called ibis paint, but you could just as well use photoshop. and as I said already, I post them on my Instagram and Reddit. 

How do you pick what MOC to build next?

Completely random, haha. I choose Brickheadz based on what is ‘trending’. Like, say if there’s a recent game or a recent movie I like, I will most likely build it. I don’t often take requests, but I do sometimes. Every now and then someone comes with a good idea and I’ll put it on my list. I think it’s important to make stuff YOU like and not only listen to your followers. I follow my passions and interests, because I enjoy building those things. Of course, I build more than just Brickheadz. I love to build robots and star wars inspired things, but most of the time it’s just whatever comes to mind, or I’ll see something cool on the internet and just do it.

What’s your favourite LEGO MOC that you have created?

That’s a hard one because I’ve built a lot of things. But my favorite has gotta be my big star wars scene I have build recently. Its kind off based off places like Jedha, and the other dessert planets, that really screams star wars in my opinion. To get the desert feeling I used a lot of tan bricks, and because it is star wars, I tried to put in a whole lot of Griebling as they call it. I want to expand it but I’m running out of certain colors, so I might have to order some more. This project actually took me quite a while to build and I’m planning on expanding it with vehicles and hopefully more buildings! 

IMG 6233

Do you have any particular techniques that you use when designing and building a MOC?

Ehm, I don’t think so. I do like to use a lot of snot (Studs Not On Top) techniques and actually avoid using too many solid bricks. That way you can put more detail into a MOC, but I wouldn’t say I use specific techniques often. It’s more of a case of what work/fits the best. Often I go online to look for certain techniques when I can’t think of anything myself. It’s just a mix of anything that looks good I suppose.

Do you have any hints or tips for anyone out there who is thinking about starting to design a LEGO MOC themselves?

Do what YOU like. Take your hobby’s, your interests and passions and find something you like, and go wild! Don’t build something just because you think it will make others happy, because it has to stay fun right? That’s the main purpose of Lego! Second: don’t be afraid to copy. With that I mean, go look online for inspiration when you build something, that’s what I do too because there will most likely always be people better than you, and that’s fine because they can help you grow and improve! And of course, you don’t straight up steal someone’s design and claim it as your own. just take inspiration and look at techniques and use it in your build! The internet is your biggest friend when you’re building, haha. 

Are there any LEGO sets or themes that you take inspiration from for your LEGO MOC?

Definitely! The creator theme was always one of my favorites because it had everything! Houses, vehicles, and animals. I learned a lot of building techniques from it and it was a ton of fun and of course Lego City! The houses and vehicles from both the LEGO creator and city were a big inspiration for me. I love to build both of those things so it was nice to learn from those themes. The Brickheadz theme, of course, inspired me to start my whole Instagram account! The bodies of the Brickheadz were never really special, a lot of prints, so I had to figure that out myself, but the heads gave me some neat ideas. So that’s definitely a theme that I won’t forget soon! Last but not least: star wars. It’s probably more the movies that inspired me, but the sets are based on the movies so I suppose it counts.

Off the MOC subject… What’s your favourite LEGO set and why?

There are so, so many Lego sets, so it’s hard to choose just one. So to make it a little more simple I will go with my favorite Lego set which is my own. My favorite set I own is the Lego creator expert ford mustang. It’s so detailed and smooth and it’s really fun to put together! When I saw it I instantly fell in love with it and bought It as soon as possible. I like the color and the overall design of it. Actually I like all the creator expert cars and the expert modular building. I wish they weren’t that expensive, haha, then I would’ve bought a lot more (and most of the UCS star wars sets are pretty epic too)!

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Hey, I am Matthew Mitchell and I am an AFOL from the UK. I have been fascinated by LEGO since I was a child. My two children are in love with LEGO and it's because of them that my interest in LEGO continued to grow, this is how I fell in to the rabbit hole of LEGO MOCs. With every new LEGO MOC I saw I became just a bit more addicted to the endless possibilities that LEGO offers. This led me to creating Belle-Ve Bricks, a platform where talented LEGO designers can share their work with the world.
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