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Designing your own LEGO creations sounds like an amazing idea, and with LEGO Alternate builds you can do that. These alternative builds are designs that people created using bricks from official LEGO sets. However, these are using the same LEGO pieces in an entirely new way. That means you don’t have to buy a new LEGO set, you can just use what’s already there to create something entirely different!

The official LEGO sets are restrictive since they have a limited amount of pieces and you don’t have to build in a certain way. That makes the LEGO Alternate builds a lot of fun, since you can even use variations if you want.

Normal Lego sets will usually have a single item you can create, maybe up to 3 if it’s a 3 in 1 set. But with the LEGO alternative builds you can get beyond that. You can finally use the same LEGOs to create new things. 

All you need is to follow our designs listed below, and you can breathe new life into your current LEGO sets

Submarine Alternative Build

This submarine is one of the coolest LEGO Alternate builds because it’s visually appealing, it has all kinds of cool moving parts and it even has claws that a regular submarine would. 

In addition, it can be transformed into a robot and a variety of utensils. You can be as creative as possible without limiting yourself to the original set’s guidelines.

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Sea Creatures Alternative Build

You will enjoy creating all kinds of sea creatures with this one. It’s so simple that you can easily create a crab, bird and sea shell. 

The colors are vibrant and if you follow the guidelines you can have an extremely interesting, visually appealing build with creative ideas. 

This is the best gift or purchase for anyone that loves sea creatures and LEGOs!

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Carnivorous plant and insects Alternative Build

If you’re more into plants and insects, this is one set you do not want to miss. 

You can create a variety of different insects and a carnivorous plant in no time. The best part here is that they look amazing, and you can easily add your own details to this as you see fit. 

It’s one of the most impressive and extraordinary builds you can complete right now.

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Bird Alternative Build

Out of all the LEGO Alternate builds presented here, this one is the most complex and also super creative. 

It allows you to create a prehistoric bird that looks extraordinary. 

You can add a variety of colors and features to it, and the visuals are very impressive.

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Pterodactyl Dinosaur Alternative Build

The Pterodactyl is one of the most magnificent prehistoric birds, and with these LEGO alternative builds instructions you can create your own. 

It’s a very interesting build with a ton of detail and incredibly impressive visual features.

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If you want some cool LEGO Alternate builds to work on, give these a try today. They are great to work on, you can be as creative as you want, and the features are nothing short of impressive. 

The best part is that you don’t need to rush, and you can work on these as much as you would like. Rest assured these alternative builds are some amazing LEGO projects, so check them out right now!

Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below!

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