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Who We Are

We have been fans of LEGO for a long time and through the years its taken us on various paths, but one common theme in everything we do is LEGO! 

Around 6 years ago we discovered how big the LEGO MOC community was and decided that we wanted to move forward from selling LEGO sets, bricks and minifigures and focus our time and energy in to the world of LEGO MOCs.

Why We Do It

Quite simply we do it because we love anything and everything to do with LEGO, our aim is to build a community of like minded people who really appreciate the benefits that come from collecting, designing and playing with LEGO. 

We love meeting and getting to know the LEGO Designers who sign up to sell on Belle-Ve Bricks, we have LEGO Designers from around the world and it never ceases to amaze how how many talented people are out there. 

We are not building a LEGO business, we are building a LEGO family so if you have an interest in building or designing LEGO then let us know!

What We Do

The services we provide are:

Secure and free platform for LEGO Designers to sign up and sell their creations onf
It has several list items you can easily edit.
Delete rows you don't need.
Duplicate existing rows to add more.
Change the icons per row.
Change the icon padding to adjust the left spacing.
Classes for easy editing.
List anything with fancy icons.
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Do you want to sell your own MOCs?

Only a few clicks away from starting your own LEGO designer store.
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Belle-Ve Bricks is the only LEGO website you will ever need, we work with the best LEGO designers in the world to help share their LEGO MOCs with you. We also a convenient way to find alternate builds for your LEGO sets and whilst you are here do not miss out on the latest LEGO news, tutorials, reviews and facts on our blog.
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