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25+ LEGO Building Ideas To Keep Everyone Busy

LEGO is loved by people young and old, it’s one of the most popular toys in the world and there’s a reason for that, it’s so damn fun and the possibilities are endless. Sometimes though when there’s so many LEGO building ideas to pick from it makes it very hard to decide what to do! I have crawled the internet to find the best ideas for fun things to build, it’s easy to get a little stuck when you can’t decide what to make, which is why we decided to put together this list of 25+ cool LEGO creations to help you keep busy!

Build a LEGO catapult

This is an amazing idea that will keep you busy for hours. Why not create a LEGO catapult of LEGO building or some sort with minifigures on top standing guard and try and use your catapult to knock them down.

Source: Pinterest

25 ideas lego catapult

Build a LEGO plant pot

How many plants do you have around your house? Let’s be honest every other plant pot in comparison to this one is going to be rubbish! Use the massive selection of coloured bricks to brighten up your house. Source: Flikr – H.Y.Leung 25 ideas lego plant pot

LEGO Ice Excavation

This is a great activity for a hot summer’s day, take a minifigure and pop him in a jug of water and freeze. Let them pretend to be an archaeologist excavating using toothpicks, salt or warm water to melt down the ice and find the minifigure inside! Source: Pinterest
25 ideas lego ice

LEGO Challenge Wind Racer

This is a nice and simple one that will keep the kids occupied for hours. All you need to do the challenge are loose LEGO bircks, paper, a stick that can be used for the mast and a fan. The one with the best LEGO building skills WINS! Source: Pinterest 25 ideas lego challenge wind racer 1

Get a LEGO MOC From Our Shop

We have loads of LEGO building ideas in our shop, take a look and you will have an endless supply of building to keep you all busy. If you want some help getting any bricks that do not have at home you can check out our blog which walks you through using BrickLinks wanted list feature.
  • castle-in-a-dome-peter-ilmrud
  • BabyYoda FRONT1 1024x1024 1
  • Koala FRONT1 1024x1024 1

Make Some LEGO Jewellery

Feeling adventurous? Why not see if you can start a new trend with LEGO earings or necklaces… this ones not really for kids unless supervised by an adult. Click the link below for a step by step guide how to make your own! Source: Instructables – Jessyratfink 25 ideas lego jewelry 1024x640 1

Make a Photo Frame

Do you have a lot of photo’s in your house? Perhaps its Mother’s Day, Father’s day or any other special occasion coming up. Why not use your LEGO building skills to make this one today? It’s nice and simple but if you get adventurous you could personalise this very easily. Source: Dad vs Wild

Build a LEGO Volcano

Did you ever do the volcano experiment at school? This experiment is so much fun but be warned it is very messy. If you want to teach your child about volcanoes or have a hands-on science session with them this is the perfect LEGO building idea! Source: Little Bins for Little Hands 25 ideas lego volcano

Make Your Name In LEGO

This is a simple but fun idea, some easier than others depending on your name! You could even glue them together once you are finished and stick them to your bedroom door or up on a shelf somewhere. Get creative and see how cool you can make your name! Source: Pinterest
25 ideas lego name

Make a LEGO Puzzle Box

Build this and keep your friends and family busy trying to figure out how to solve the puzzle. This is a great video which gives you step by step instructions, another simple by very cool idea! Source: YouTube – Brikle

Build Yourself a LEGO Vending Machine

I have seen these around a few times now but not actually found instructions how to build one, this video does a great job at showing how to build a vending machine. Why stop at building just a vending machine, why not build loads of of different types of vending machines and create your own store! Source: YouTube – pieproductions1999

Build a Mini LEGO Soda Machine

There are so many good tutorials on YouTube, this is another example of one that is awesome! Source: YouTube – BRICKS TUTORIALS

Make All Your Friends Friendship Bracelets

This is a great last minute, cheap idea that you can give to any of your friends. Source: thecentsiblelife
25 ideas lego friendship braceletsjpg

Build LEGO Balloon Cars and RACE!

There’s nothing like a bit of competitive racing… make these cars, blow up your balloons and off you go! Why not make it so the loser has to take a challenge or forfeit 😉 Source: LittleBinsforLittleHands
25 ideas lego car balloon

Fancy a Bit of Chess? Build Your Own Chess Set

Are you a any good at playing chess? Perhaps this will appeal to you if you like the odd game or two… Don’t feel that you have to stick to the conventional pieces, why not get creative! Source: Instructables – chessman908
25 ideas lego chess set

Make Yourself a LEGO Clock

If you have a spare clock in the house this is a must DIY project for you to do! I have seen some like this one and some where people have used their favourite minifigures to replace the numbers around the clock. Source: OurKidThings
25 ideas lego clock

DIY Birdfeeder

This must be the most colourful birdfeeder I have ever seen, the best thing about it is because its LEGO you can make it as big and extravagant as you would like. You can also make it, so it fits the space you have too. I wouldn’t advise gluing it together though and I wouldn’t advise handing it up otherwise it could end up in pieces when one of the bird’s land on it! Source: FunCraftsKids
25 ideas lego birdfeeder

DIY Coasters For Hot Drinks

These are great if you are person who drinks hot drinks like tea, coffee or hot chocolates. These inexpensive coasters will protect your table, give enjoyment whilst making them and look damn cool too. Try out a few different patterns to see what looks best…

Patch Up Your Brickwork

There are some cool patch ups you can find all over the internet. Jan Vormann started a big trend with this, why not join him and get some LEGO brickwork patching done at your house… Just don’t go around smashing your walls to do it and if you do don’t blame me! Source: Pinterest
25 ideas lego brickwork

Make a Working LEGO Minifigure TV

Ever wanted to give your minifigures a home cinema? Well now you can with thi sgreat build! Source: YouTube – Let’s Do This

Make a Simple LEGO Mobile Phone Stand

This is a real simple build but it does the job! Source: Instructables – crosendahl 25 ideas lego phone stand

DIY LEGO Fidget Spinner Holder

Do you still have a fidget spinner laying around? If so you might like this LEGO building idea to save you having to hold it…

Tidy Up Your Cables With a Minifigure!

What a great LEGO hack this is, with one piece of LEGO and a minifigure you can keep two cables tidy and hang your keys on it! Source: Reddit
25 ideas lego cable holder

LEGO Sweet Dispenser

What an amazing design, one that you know for certain every child (and adult) will absolutely love building and playing with afterwards! Source: FrugalFun4Boys 25 ideas lego sweet dispenser


A great way to modify your USB stick so it fits inside a LEGO brick! Source: Instructable – Emsaid
25 ideas lego USB stick

LEGO Soap and Hand Sanitiser

What a great way to encourage children to wash their hands, why not let them pick the pieces to go in there or even let them pick a minifigure to pop in. You can always wash it afterwards and at least you know if will be clean! Source: Pinterest
25 ideas lego soap

DIY LEGO Cufflinks

These are a brilliant addition to any LEGO lover’s wardrobe or a perfect gift for Father’s Day or a special occasion. This is one that adults and children can enjoy making together or apart, either way it’s just a great DIY idea. Source: KatesCreativeSpace
25 ideas lego cufflinks 1
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Written by Matthew Mitchell
Hey, I am Matthew Mitchell and I am an AFOL from the UK. I have been fascinated by LEGO since I was a child. My two children are in love with LEGO and it's because of them that my interest in LEGO continued to grow, this is how I fell in to the rabbit hole of LEGO MOCs. With every new LEGO MOC I saw I became just a bit more addicted to the endless possibilities that LEGO offers. This led me to creating Belle-Ve Bricks, a platform where talented LEGO designers can share their work with the world.
About Matthew Mitchell
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